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Muscle imbalance, is this a good fix?

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  • Muscle imbalance, is this a good fix?

    I made a previous thread about how to identify muscle imbalances...anyways

    I have done alot of pushups over the years in highschool, and not alot of back work. So I think my shoulders lean to forward. Is doing a back exercise going to fix the problem?

    For example - upper body: Pushups, 1 arm dumbell row, (12-15 reps) overgrasp pull-ups

    Lower body - Lunges

    I know you should use compound exercises but I simply cant get to a gym, nor do I care to go to one and all I have is dumbells with a decent amount of weight.

    Should I add a shoulder exercise in their? if so a body weight exercise or a dumbell one?

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    I'd advise you get a professionally made routine to avoid further imbalance, but essentially you should do one Pull Movement for every Push, and one hip-dominant, for every quad dominant to avoid an imbalance.
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      If you have been predominantly pushing for several years with no pulling, and you have developed forward or rounded shoulders. I would recommend that you need to do progressively more pulling than you are pushing to catch up and fix the imbalance. Add in a seated row, pull ups or lat pull down, bent over row, and all variations of back exercises. Also supplement with some stretches of your pecs. A good one is a corner stretch, look it up its easier that way than trying to explain. Also with excessive pushing you can get a tight pec minor, so google pec minor stretches.

      I am a certified athletic trainer, so I see a bunch of this type of things in my overhead athletes who all they do is bench and then they get overuse shoulder injuries because of it.


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        Agreed... push/pull.

        I do a series at home sometimes with a weight vest and cinder blocks for increased leverage and it goes like this:

        Pushups/Bodyweight Rows
        Pullups/Pike Presses