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i need advice for reaching a body fat % goal

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  • i need advice for reaching a body fat % goal

    i know like 85% or more of my body fat % will be from dieting, but i'm not sure exactly how to go about reaching it. i want single digit body fat some day! you remember brad pitt in fight club? he was super ripped and that's how i want to look some day. i don't want to be big, i just want to be really small and well toned like he is. or cam gigandet who plays ryan mccarthy on never back down. well any way, i'm curious what would be the best method of training and dieting to reach those physiques? i still sprint twice each week and do a lot of walking, but to get that small, would sticking to circuit training be the best method? or going to failure? thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

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    Read the thread call "Going for a body fat percentage? Let's go!" That I recently started. Some of us have shared out strategy. Join the club!


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      thanks i'll check it out!