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    Breakfast of an omellete, 2 eggs, usually some sort of veges thrown in like tomato, brocolli or whatever is in the fridge. Fried in butter, sprinkled with ricotta cheese when I have it. A coffee and/or tea.

    : varies a lot, but is almost always includes a salad or vegetables, either with a meat, egg, or some sort of white cheese. The other day I used ricotta in a beetroot and sweet potato salad with baby spinach.

    I've also been making a Moroccan tomato stew thing (with chopped vegetables, chopped bacon etc) and an egg poached in it. (which I've also eaten for dinner)

    Dinner: Mixed salad, or random vegetables, with usually a kangaroo steak. If I'm out, I order salad, always with some sort of meat, or grilled salmon.

    Snacks (yes I do!) Organic Greek yoghurt, fruit, jerky, or Primal Fuel Shake... not all those in the same day!

    Workouts, typical week:
    Weights 2-3 times a week
    in body weight weight workouts (so lunges, squats etc with weights), burpees, core exercises. Lots of Circuit work and focussing on recovery

    2-3 times a week, jog or a run, 3-6km, usually also incorporated into the weights workouts.

    Weapons Martial Arts twice a week.


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      Welcome Jared and Murf! Here's to meeting your goals and staying healthy while doing it!

      Here's the tools I'm using:
      IF: I skip breakfast unless its a heavy lifting day.
      Sprints: I think these are critical to body comp. I do a sprint 8 routine at least once a week.
      Heavy weights: 2-3 times a week. Focus on squats, deads, and other compounds.
      Diet: 1600-1800 calories on off days, 2100-2300 on lifting days.
      Sleep: 7.5-8.5
      Diet: very primal. 20-70g carbs on off days, 80-120 on lifting days (most in post workout meal).
      140-180g protein. Balance coming from saturated fat.
      How about you guys/gals?
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        Here's my current plan:

        Bulletproof IF from 8pm to 2pm three to four days per week.

        Not really tracking calories but I'm going pretty much about 60% fat, 30% protein, 10% carbs except for some increased carbs in the form of safe starches on lifting or bodyweight training days.

        Activity is:

        1-2 days of brisk walking (4-5 miles each day).
        1-2 days of lifting or bodyweight strength training focusing on functional strength using sandbag on lifting days -- mostly tabata style.
        1 day of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
        1 day of Sprinting
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          I'm in, but I'm not sure what my body fat %age is. I have a bioelectric impedance meter, which tells me that I'm 23-24%. At one point it was telling me that I was 21%, but I looked nothing like the 21-22% picture. Based on the pictures, I'm guessing that I'm somewhere in the high 20s (above 25 but below 30). I need to find a reliable method to measure BF in order to do this, and I don't think the pictures are very accurate at all. The way fat is distributed on my body is this: most of it is in the abdominal region. My thighs and hips are actually very lean. I also have some fat on my upper arms. Pretty lean everywhere else. I'd like to be at 20%.

          My plan is to start CrossFit. If I already do chronic cardio just in general, am I not allowed to participate? (I'm a runner and am currently training for a 10-miler. It's some amount of chronic cardio but not insane. And, no, I will NOT stop running, regardless of what anyone says.)

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            I'm in!

            I started eating primal in September at 203 pds. I am currently down to 155. I am the leanest I have been in my life, so close to my goal. I would say I am around 17%+- bf.

            I am struggling with binging right now. I am so close to my goal and I don't want to lose focus now. I am just starting to see the outline of my top two abs when I flex.

            I am going to attempt to IF 12-8pm through the week, and eat normally on the weekends.

            Today I had:
            a tossed salad at lunch with veggies and some leftover lean ground beef, homemade ceasar vinagrette
            Wrap for supper with beef, avocado, lettuce, onions, tomato, salsa and sriratcha and some cole slaw
            1/2 cup of peanut butter frozen yogurt
            Bedtime snack will be some smoked salmon and pickles or some blueberries and organic plain yogurt.

            Lets here some more of what people ate today!


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              I'll play along. I'm 42 years old, 5'5", 123 lbs. I'm guessing I'm in the low 20's bodyfat? I'd love to hit 17%. And just to be honest upfront, I'm a chronic cardio girl. I know, I know... but I love my long runs. Training for a few ultra's this year. (I can hear the boo's and hisses).

              I am working on more strength training, doing Crossfit a couple days a week. This month marked the first time in my life, ever, I was able to do an unassisted pull-up. Just one, but you would have thought I'd won the lottery from my reaction.

              I'm also, just fyi, a recovering vegetarian. Being experimenting with Primal and am pleasantly surprised at how well everything is working. My stomach knots now on "cheat" days when I have wheat.

              I'd love some guidelines on how to lean out even more, staying healthy and not starving. I feel like I've got maybe 5 lbs to lose and they don't want to budge.

              I'll see if I can get my hands on some calipers at my gym and get a "real" reading.


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                I'm going to try for 15-20%. I like those photos. The 10-12% woman looks gross.


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                  I'm game with the 15-20%, they look fit and athletic. I wonder if there are some calipers at my gym...
                  I would probably have to lose about 10lbs to get into that range. So here's what I did today:
                  1 hour of ballet (it's really great for toning legs, abs and butt)
                  Weight lifting:
                  10 push-ups (I know, I'm working on it...)
                  1 pull-up (I know! It feels like winning the lottery!)
                  5x5 deadlifts at 40lbs
                  35 squats (no weights)
                  It is a start!


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                    This morning I ate two eggs scrambled in a little coconut oil and a hand full of spinach and some crumbled bacon.
                    Skipped lunch, tonight I will be eating venison steaks with green beans and more spinach.


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                      Hey, does anyone have suggestions for beginning weight lifting programs??


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                        Originally posted by murf73 View Post
                        Hey, does anyone have suggestions for beginning weight lifting programs??
                        Stronglifts 5x5 hands down: StrongLifts: Gain Muscle And Strength While Losing Fat StrongLifts

                        It's a 3-day per week program and I didn't start seeing results till I started this program a year ago. It's simple, teaches you how to lift safely, and will give you a consistent habit for the rest of your life.
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                          I'd agree with Stronglifts 5x5. Great starter program.

                          Welcome to the new members of our little club. I will soon summarize who's here and what each persons goals are. Just remember, health first!

                          As for me, I think I'm still making progress. Some may think its gross but I'm at the point of being able to see my progress in reducing bodyfat by increased vascularity. For instance, I'm becoming vascular on my abs (low abdomen and upper abdomen and obliques. Kinda interesting and I never thought I'd be able to get that lean! My last area of resistance is my lower abs, surprise, surprise.

                          I've also decided to up my food intake a bit. 1800 calories is pretty low given my size and activity level and I have the first signs of a slowing metabolism. Not good! I'm gonna go up to 2100-2200 for 10 days or so and seehow that goes.

                          I'm also becoming a big fan of carb refeeds after intense exercise. As Mark has noted, carbs are the best at illicit ing a leptin response. When I do a carb refeed (like 100g from sweet potatoes) it seems to really kill my appetite for a good 24-48 hours and knock down other symptoms of slowing metabolism.


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                            Well I had a good day today, skipped breakfast. Had a salad for lunch with romain, onions, mushrooms ground beef, avacodo and homemade ceasar dressing. Supper I had another salad, pretty much the same with some chunked up chicken fingers. Snack I'm going to have some plain greek yogurt with frozen strawberries.

                            Doing my 'living room routine' tonight.
                            5 sets of one legged squats
                            5 sets of chinups
                            5 sets of incline pushups


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                              Nice Colby. You'll be losing on that. Just keep that protein up so what you lose isn't muscle!


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                                Try this:
                                1 egg yolk, I-2 mashed clove of garlic, squeeze of dijon, a dash of parmesan (optional), squeeze of anchovie paste (optional),balsamic and olive oil.