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    The weight loss you are making headway on may be the biggest ticket, but there may be some other leg exercises that your knees won't object too. You might try doing a bridge exercise or a ball bridge exercise (youtube will tell you how). These will allow you to exercise muscles around the hip and knee joints while taking some of the load off of your knees. You might also try doing a partial squat prior to any knee pain while holding on to a counter top. I think a good notion, already indicated here, is to work within your capacity to expand it.


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      Originally posted by Zanna View Post
      I had always thought that having knee pain while doing squats meant your posture is wrong. That's a sort of check for me - if I feel pain in my knee, then I'm probably not pushing my butt out far enough for stability. You shouldn't really be using the knees much at all to do a squat properly, right? The motion to get into squat position leads from the hips, doesn't it?
      I think this is great too! Keeping the weight in the heels (especially while pushing up from the lowest position) and keeping your toes on the ground can clean up a lot of this. Tracking the knees in the direction of the 2nd toe as the knees bend is also a good one. Knees often tend to drift towards each other... in love, maybe?


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        Thanks for more suggestions and support! I'll be honest, I haven't done any more squats since the first post. We got around 2' of snow up here and I've been shoveling and shoveling (aaaaannnnddd shoveling!) then fell in the parking lot at work and hurt my wrist and neck. Yes, I am a clutz!

        When I get back into the swing though, it's on!

        I really appreciate everyone's time and experience.

        What I am taking from all this is that (despite what I was affraid of), it isn't necessarily a permanent condition and there are things I can do to get better and not just "live with it". That was my major concern!

        Thanks again,