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Sprints Tabatas HIIT?

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  • Sprints Tabatas HIIT?

    I was revamping my W/O and added in sprints. When I wrote it all down I had Mondays as a Sprint day and Thursdays as Tabata day for what ever method I wanted to use (cycle, jump rope etc...)

    I have been running sprints like Tabatas. 20 running and 10 rest. But then thats Tabata and not sprint right? I guess I'm confused. How else would I run Sprints besides in a tabata fashion? I was just trying to have one day where I ran and another where it was different. Any suggestions?

    And as far as the sprints doing the 20/10. I (thought) I was in decent shape already. I can only get in 3 rounds before I cant feel my legs and they just wont move... and I collapse... I am breathing soooo hard my throat will hurt for an hour! This is week 3 and Monday was the same. But I picked my self up and kinda barely went around the track another 20 seconds for a 4th... I didn't go far! I hope this gets better where I can complete more!

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    The Tabata protocol isn't magic, change it. Try sprinting all out for 10 or 12 seconds and resting for 30. You want to get a bunch of max effort sprints in and they should be pretty much full speed. Rest just enough in between them so you can do another max effort. Check out the other thread on sprinting if you want more ideas how I do it.

    bruce b.