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  • HIIT for the Out-of-Shape

    I usually walk at lunch, but since it's so freakin cold out today, I decided to walk the stairs in my office building. There are only 5 floors, so that means there are only 4 flights of stairs. I went from first to fifth and back down 5 times. I started out running but soon slowed because I was very out of breath and my legs felt like noodles. My question is does this qualify as HIIT? I'm pretty out of shape, I know.

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    Yes, I'd say that qualifies as HIIT. Interval training is extremely subjective to the individual. The usual standard for HIIT is short bursts of high intensity exercise (meaning high heart beat, breathing extremely heavily) followed by long periods of medium intensity. If you'd like a few more insights about HIIT, I wrote about it here: Primer on Fitness - Travel.

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      Excellent! Don't worry whether it qualifies for HIIT or not, but running the stairs is a very good and safe way to get in cardiovascular shape. Run up as fast as you can and walk down when resting. Try to build up to 10 -12 times after a while, and if you also can finish with 20 - 30 minutes with low intensity jogging, then you have a very efficient fat burning protocoll similar to Lyle McDonalds; "the stubborn fat protocoll"...
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