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Lifting heavy and fat loss

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  • Lifting heavy and fat loss

    Is lifting heavy (IE starting strength style, low reps, high weights) helpful to someone who has a lot of weight to lose?
    I see mixed things on this, and I know when I do a session, not super huge weights, but I guess for me heavy enough, I end up 1-2 kg up on the scales, and it takes a week or so to come off. I haven't lifted in a couple of weeks, and the scale has been going down. But also think that is due to working out the right amount of food for me, which I have done.

    I always read about how lifting weights are great for fat burning, but usually this comes from people who suggest things like pump classes or machines, lower weights, many reps), so does this make the difference?
    I do not plan on doing pump classes or machines again.

    Anyway, so does the scales go up for anyone else after a lifting session like SS? Is this due to the muscles holding on to fluid while trying to repair? Is this a real thing or not?

    Yes I know the scales shouldn't matter, but right now they do.

    Hopefully someone gets what I am asking LOL. I suck at trying to get things out of my head.

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    i think i know what you mean. i dont really weigh myself. i do heavy weights but we go hard for a whole hour once a week and do the whole body, i dont do SS sorta stuff as that seems to be a split program over several days a week. i do a mix of free weights and machines. big compound lifts and isolation. i dont go up in weight unless i eat too much. none of my clothes get tighter. my muscles have chiselled out i think the term is so i have lost fat. i am totally biased but i'd say it is helpful to anyone unless you have some injuries or medical conditions that somehow prevent you doing so, regardless of how much fat you do or dont have to lose.


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      I know its helpful for long term health etc, but just trying to weigh up in my head what is more important right now?

      I just keep going back and forth in my head about it.
      I do want to be strong and have visible muscles, but I do have so much fat to lose, and I guess if I am lifting heavy and muscles are growing, my body will want to eat more, which will then mess with and stop my fat burning.
      This is why I wonder how you can do both together.

      I know while doing CF and primal, the scales didn't go down, but measurements did, and I guess scales would have eventually gone down, well I assume, but maybe not?

      LOL just keep going round in circles about it. I do miss lifting heavy thats for sure.


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        you need to enjoy your life and be happy so if you miss lifting heavy, just do it. i think there are plenty of sucess stories around from people who have done and lost weight.


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          Thats very true

          I just wonder about the science of this stuff though, but I should prob just stop thinking so much lol


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            I belong to a mailing list for a trainer who specializes in giving clients a lean, chiseled body. He recommends never going to failure, doing sets of 6-8 reps well within your ability, I recall. I haven't paid all that much attention to his emails lately because much of what he recommends is intended to be done in a gym. Most of the workouts are for guys, and the ones that are for women are for women who are into toning, not who have experience with real exercise.


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              Here's how I understand it.

              Lifting heavy is for building strength. If you don't want strength, maybe don't do it. If you are fat or have a body that gains fat easily, you have the type of body that can also build muscle and strength. Getting strong has its own benefits and lots of them. So do a strength building program if you want to be strong.

              If you just want to be skinny, then lose weight and don't focus on strength. There are a million ways to lose weight, some of which work.

              In my own experience, I am not skinny but I am okay weight-wise. Lifting heavy hasn't made me lose any weight, but it has changed the shape of my body. I honestly think I look more pleasing. But I'm not smaller and parts of me might actually be bigger. I haven't weighed myself since before October so I don't know how much heavier I might be.
              Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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                I def do not want to be skinny, and I do want to be strong.
                But wasn't sure I could lose fat and get strong at the same time thats all.


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                  From my understanding, while lifting weights, you are not burning fat directly. You are burning glycogen due to the intensity level. But if you eat relatively low carb, you will replace that glycogen afterwards by burning fat. Otherwise you would replace it with whatever carbs you are eating. Personally, I get very hungry after any type of cardio for longer time. Running distances over 3 miles, etc. High intensity stuff like lifting weights, sprinting, etc, never really create much of an extra hunger.


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                    I have lost a lot of fat and gotten a lot stronger since I started losing last May at 200 pounds.


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                      What kind of lifting were you doing Katherine?
                      Low reps, heavy barbell stuff?
                      I am starting at more like 240 lbs I think. over 100 lbs over weight.


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                        I started with powerlifts, and since then have added bodyweight exercises - pushups and chinups. I am very excited because I may well be able to do my first full chin-up in my next workout. My weight is now at 149. I am 5'4" and the leanest I have ever been.


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                          Way to go, that is awesome!
                          Good luck with the chin up

                          Is powerlifts like deadlifts etc with barbells?


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                            The three powerlifts are bench press, deadlift, and squats.


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                              OK cool I thought so, but wasn't sure if that was the term I had heard before, I normally use olympic lifting, but now i know LOL

                              What else were you doing with that? Walking or running?
                              Walking is fine for me, but is getting easier. I am walking a lot faster now, and last time I did some short runs too, but going to be careful with that and ease back into it.