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    I am interested in doing a yoga video at home. I can't afford to go to a studio and prefer to workout at home. Anyone know of a good yoga video? Also, my main reason for doing this is to help with tension in my neck and shoulders. Of course for toning, too!
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    The ones on look good! Thanks, Cierra!


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      do a search on youtube, too. you'll find lots of 15-20-30 minute practices on there to try out as well.

      if you have the money for something on-going, you might consider yogaglo or similar "subscriptions" to classes. Some of them cost as little as $10/mo -- which is a good price for on-going yoga "classes."

      there are so many good yoga videos, the question is really about what you want to experience/practice.


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        I love Rodney Yee's videos. He doesn't sound peppy and the music is nice. He's got a yoga for beginners series that's pretty good. You can find most of his stuff on youtube I think. He has more advanced stuff out there too, but I've not done them.


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          ...came to this late but yogatoday has free videos (45 min- 1 hour) they change them every week I think...


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            check out - thousands of streamed videos, for all sorts of levels, all types of yoga and different time lengths. It's only $9.99 a month (I'm assuming that's Canadian dollars as it is a Canadian site) and I can always find something that suits my mood. It's a big favourite of mine (and nope, I don't have any connection with the site..just a personal recommendation from someone who uses it frequently).


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              Not too late! I will check out those links... thank you!


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                I searched youtube yesterday and I found two great videos:

                Tara Stilles (quite easy, for beginners or slightly intermediate) Tara Stiles: Yoga Weight Loss & Balance Workout - YouTube
                Mark Gonzales, poweryoga (first 30 minutes quite easy, then more difficult, for intermediate) Power Yoga: Onese1f (75-minute) - YouTube
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