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I was complimented today...

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  • I was complimented today...

    Leaving the gym this morning, another regular commented that he can't squat as deep as I do with the weight that I had (225lbs). From what I've seen, he's way stronger than me in just about everything else (especially upper body), but it's nice to know that other people appreciate good form. He said he was trying to drop weight from his squats so that he could build up the flexibility to go that low and then build back up, but he couldn't put his ego aside and drop as much weight as he should.

    There was another guy on the squat rack before me- one knee in a brace, like from a previous injury. I had to keep my mouth shut. He started with 225 and a pad on the bar, and was doing half squats. He then kept increasing the weight, I think to about 275. His knees and ankles were really wobbly, and I was kinda scared he was going to blow something out while I watched.

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    You already know you're on track, but yes it's nice to be acknowledged for it. Especially by someone who knows what they're talking about. Congrats.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      Keep at it, and there should be more to come . Just don't expect them.
      Primal and deadlifting my way to health (hopefully)