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Was this workout too much?

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  • Was this workout too much?

    Windmill 35lb KB 3 x 3
    TRX Pushup 6 x 5
    KB Thrusters 2 53's 5 x 5
    Lunges 53lbs 4 x 8 per leg
    KB Swings 70lbs 3 x 12
    17lbs Sledgehammer strikes 6 x 20

    My partner was having a hard time with this one so seeing what others think of this volume and selection

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    I dunno, post the whole workout, not just the warmup.


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      Well it would be too much for me right now, but the next person could easily do this and more.
      I guess your friends fitness level is much lower than yours


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        Sounds like a decent workout to me. How you feeling?


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          I woke up with expected soreness in lower body but a hike should cure it!


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            Depends too much on other factors, such as sleep and getting in enough calories. Some soreness will occur, don't seek it out, but you should accept it, it doesn't really mean much in my experiance anyway. Except maybe the need for some massaging and soft tissue work.

            If you are getting stronger, without causing yourself problems, then it wasn't too much.
            Primal and deadlifting my way to health (hopefully)