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Strenthing Stomach Muscles

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  • Strenthing Stomach Muscles

    Im going to be going for abdominal surgery in the near future (no date yet but certainly within 6 months & possibly much sooner) and was thinking that it would be a good idea to work on strengthening my abdominal muscles before hand.
    I do have pretty strong muscles but I figure that improving what I have can only help & hopefully mean faster recovery & less recoup time.

    Any suggestions for things I can do to help with this? I do a lot of med-heavy lifting as part of my daily work and 1-2 times a week I do the essential movements workout (pushup/pullup/plank/squats)
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    All that heavy lifting should help with core strength, I think what you are doing is great.


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      I would have suggested planks, you're already doing them so that's good. I detest sit-ups and crunches, so you'll never hear from me any suggestions for those. I do like to do leg raises (while hanging from my pull up bar). That seems to work my abs differently than planks. I also will do seated ball twists- I sit, lean back, lift my legs enough so my feet are off the ground, and with a weighted medicine ball twist back and forth so that the ball touches the floor on either side. But I truly think a good regimen of planks from different positions (high, low, side) pretty much nail the abs.
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        I made a roller wheel using a small wheel barrel wheel that has proven to be effective. You can do it on your knees or from a standing/bent over position.
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          Thanks, I think ill play around with some of those ideas. Maybe add onto my PF workout days for a bit more of a workout while still keeping it only every 3-4 days.
          Also I have hand weights I can take the excess weight off of & maybe use as a roller wheel ... (barbell type)

          I never found crunches/situps to be much work, I used to do like 300+ crunches effortlessly. (although im not sure if I could now) so im not sure how much muscle building they did if they were that easy....
          Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.


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            you could train L-sit progressions