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Adjusting food for female body building.

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  • Adjusting food for female body building.

    Hi, I've been quite happy following Paleo for several months and lost 2 stone but my weight loss has stalled for a couple of months now although I have lost inches and become more muscular. I still have a stone of fat to lose though and it's not happening. I walk 4 miles a day with the dog, another 3-4 hours per week on various gym cardio and follow a typical split for body building 4 days a week. I have done this before but on a typical high protein low fat diet so I'm wondering if I need to cut the fat a bit. Typical days food - Scrambled eggs with coconut oil and cream and then 2 meals of fish or meat with veg both cooked with ghee or coconut oil. Occasional glass of wine. 4 coffees with goats milk and coconul oil. I cannot tolerate any protein shakes bars or other supplements. I'm 50 although I'm not sure that makes any difference. Any constructive help appreciated.
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    have you tried reducing the cardio a bit? on top of the body building it might be to much, check marks blog on over exercising


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      I'm aware that I don't eat enough for the exercise that I do but I don't feel hungry enough to eat more. The dog walking is only a brisk walk essential for well being so I thought I might need the cardio while I'm aiming to lose weight. I'll check out the over exercising blog. Thanks.