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  • Working out at the park

    Hi everyone;

    I've been successfully primal for a few years, but I really hate any working out other than walking/hiking with my dog. I'd like to try to figure out some fun ways to add in some exercise to my dog walks or dog play time at the park. I also have two friends who want to start doing some type of workout once a week together. I was thinking we could meet at a park and do something. But it would need to be sort of structured. Some type of plan we can follow.

    Any suggestions for this kind of thing?

    Thanks much!!
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    Are you looking to do someting akin to sprinting - ie tabata intervals, fast movement, or are you looking to do something that counts as Lift Heavy Things?

    I'd personally recommend some bodyweight excersises, some squats, push-ups, dips, pull-ups or variations there off, depending on what there is at the park to use. THe primal blueprint fitness book is a good starting place, 4 movements, fairly high reps, so it gives a combination of strenght and edurance, and free

    There are also loads of free training apps for smart-phones and plenty that cost a few dollars, I've got a circut training one that gives various levels of work-outs either Tabata intervals, or slightly longer HIIT intervals or an AMRAP timer (as many reps as possible)

    You could do a combination, a round of body weight excersies, a round of tabata intervals, and repeat if you want/can
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      Have a look at this: Gibbon Slacklines USA I found it right here, under Primal Resources - Fitness Gear. Also lots of videos on youtube (incl. tutorials). Its fun to do with friends, but you can do it alone as well. Not too exciting for the dogs, but they can watch or jump over the line. All you need is the line, 2 old towels for tree protection and of course - 2 trees.
      P.S. I'm 48, its not just for young hipsters.


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        you'll have to do some searching on mark's front page, but i know there are some workouts that fit exactly what you are looking for. most are probably from the september primal challenges, and then there are a ton of WOW (workout of the week) posts that mark put up for a full year. those should help you build a structured plan.

        as for adding in exercise to your dog walks or fun with friends, there is plenty you can do. i chase squirrels with my dog, i climb fun trees that we pass, sometimes i carry a 50lb sandbag for walks under 3 miles. you could assign an exercise to specific things that you see: a blue car = 10 pushups, a yellow house = 20 squats, etc.