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i have a question about circuit training!

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  • i have a question about circuit training!

    i absolutely love circuit training, it's become my new favorite way to get in a workout. i was wondering though, since i do it three times per week, should i switch up the exercises i do each workout day, or stick to the same exercises every workout, every week? thanks!

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    What are you doing? Circuit training can mean a lot of things. Are you seeng results?


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      i'm doing 10 exercises, 5 reps each, for 20-30 minutes. i do burpees, push ups, squat jumps, curls with 15 lb dumbbell, crunches, jumping jacks, overhead presses with 30 lb ammo can, regular bodyweight squats, dips, and finally russian twists. i've definitely been noticing some small but good results with doing it but i was wondering if i should switch it up by doing different exercises each week or day?


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        My understandng (and personal exerience) is that your body adjusts to this type of thing pretty quickly. I would switch up things, try to keep tweaking the workouts and demands on your body. You can find some great ideas just by googling circuit or interval training. If you enjoy it, you're much more likely to keep at it.

        If you aren't lifting weights, I recommend starting. Of everything I've tried (and I feel like I've tried everything) serious lifting made the biggest difference aside from eating clean.


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          alright, tomorrow's my next circuit workout and i'll definitely switch it up! thanks a lot