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Pain/tenderness in front of neck from pushups?

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  • Pain/tenderness in front of neck from pushups?

    I haven't posted a heck of a lot here, so before I get on to the issue at hand I will give some background info on my diet and general state of fitness. I am 37 yrs old, male, 5'10" 160 lbs. I have been eating paleo for about 9 months, and lost 30 lbs during that time (although I seem to be stable weight wise now, and am as lean as I have ever been). I eat fairly strict most days, other than Sunday, where I do my level best to bankrupt the local Mexican restaurant's buffet.

    My workout schedule is 2 days "on" one day "off". I do 30 minutes on the treadmill @4MPH and with the incline at 5, then 50 pushups, 100 situps, and another 50 pushups. Six months ago I could only do 40-50 pushups total and no more than 10-15 in a set.

    My issue currently is a soreness in the lower front of my neck that won't seem to go away. I went to the doc about a month ago and he said I had a cold and such, then gave me antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory. I felt a little better while taking that stuff, but once off it the symptoms came back. FWIW I also have had for years a chronic soreness at the base of my neck on my back. This new thing feels quite different. Also, I often find myself breathing through my mouth at night since I have sinus issues.

    Again I am doing way more exercise than ever before and feel generally well, other than this problem, and am wondering if maybe doing this number of pushups could be giving me muscular soreness, and maybe that along with being a mouth-breather (lol) could be causing this weird feeling?

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    What kind of soreness is it?

    There are muscles in your neck that can get tight and sore, for a number of different reasons, such as overexertion, or bad posture. Or even better posture than you had before, causing you to now use muscles you hadn't been.


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      i had this same problem the other day, but it was with push ups with my feet being up at a higher elevation. and i was doing some crunches too and i felt a big strain in my neck. i think jfreaksho is right, it's probably just overexertion because it was the most crunches i've ever done at once before and that's really the only time i've felt a strain like that.


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        If your straining neck muscles during exercises you need to watch your form. You can very well damage your neck with improper technique or head position during pretty much any lift.


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          Also, Breetbree, you are wasting your time with crunches. Make your whole core stronger, not just the pretty bits in front.
          Do planks- front, back, side, the other side, etc.
          Lift heavy things. Brace your core when you do so.
          Focus on good posture always.

          Crunches feel like they do a lot, but aren't really helping much. You'll have a much better time with situps/crunches in your fitness test if you work the bracing action of your whole core.


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            during pretty much any lift.


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              Is it at the ends of the clavicles near the sternum, above or below the sternal notch? Does it feel like muscular in nature or maybe a joint issue? Can you reproduce the pain? If so what aggravates it?

              I agree with Neckhammer, it most likely is a form issue. Have you had anyone watch your form? You may have some supporting muscles that haven't woke up and started firing properly allowing your shoulder girdle to "go out of whack"


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                yeah,You'll have a much better time with situps/crunches in your fitness test if you work the bracing action of your whole core.