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Lift Heavy Things - Really?

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    I'd recommend the approach in Body by Science. Great for strength training with minimal risk of injury. Here: THE BOOK

    Much more appropriate for you IMO. I do a variation of it myself.

    Oh and Please don't do something silly like top loading an osteoporotic spine with weights (squats) unless you want to end up in the hospital with a compression fracture. Trust me it's a very bad idea and your chiropractor would agree with me.
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      Wow, you are 75 and on these forums? You are cool Or too bored.
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        I am a personal trainer and do NOT advise deadlifts for those with osteoporosis. You need to find a certified trainer with experience working with older adults. Be careful many "trainers " have no certification or education whatsoever. Ask to see their certification card or see if they have an exercise science degree.

        A good exercise is spinal extension. Here's a rundown. Hands and knee position. Extend one arm forward and opposite leg backward. Hand is faced as if shaking hands with someone. Hold for a couple seconds and switch sides. Do 8-10 reps on each side. Do this exercise every other day. If getting up and down off the floor is difficult, then do it standing by sending one arm up (palm faced in) and opposite leg extends from hip. Really work on the reach. Hope this helps.