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Is PBF enough?

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  • Is PBF enough?

    My workouts consist of the following:

    Monday - LHT = 2 cycles each of Pushups x 50, Pullups x 12, Grok Squats x 50, overhead press x 12, planks 90sec/45sec per side

    Tuesday - 45-60 Min slow cardio (elliptical, bike)

    Wednesday - Repeat LHT workout

    Thursday - 3-4 mile slow jog

    Friday - 6 x 50 yard sprints

    My question is this... I am progressing in each category... my strength is growing as is my endurance. I'm adding pushups and pullups... I'm modifying exercises to make them more difficult, but will PBF be enough to really bring my body fat percentage down or do I need to look at intermittent fasting, lowering the paleo fat content, etc. to really start seeing definition?
    Re-Starting Paleo January 10, 2013

    SW - 185.4 lbs Janury 10, 2013
    CW- 179.8 lbs
    Goal- 168 lbs Full Performance Level PBF, 32" waist, lean...


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    I am interest ed in responses. I would have framed the question like this: All else being equal, am I better off with a bodyweight routine (like PBF) or a barbell lifting routine to reach recomposition goals (like maintain strength and reduce BF from 13 to 10%)


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      It's been working for me...

      I sprint on Mondays and do the same work out you do (2 X week).... I now see my veins popping out on my legs and arms.... the belly needs some work... hahahah! I do walk about 5 miles/day (that's what the pedometer says.) The walking is only 5 days a week. I don't do anything else and the weight still comes off. Anything else I do is just icing to the cake.

      I do intermittent fasting. The last meal of the day is finished by 8PM and then I don't eat until noon (the following day.) And from noon until 8PM, I eat what I feel like eating. I work out on an empty stomach and then break my fast right after the work out. I eat more carbs (and less fat) on workout days . Otherwise, I eat less carbs and up the fat on non-workout days.

      That's what has worked for me.... and stilll works.. I have tried a couple of 24 hour fasts....and I felt hungry at first...but then, got used to it. It was not horrible. I'd do a 24 hr fast every couple of weeks (usually by accident, because I don't feel that hungry.)

      I am definitely NO expert... That's what has worked for me...for now.


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        I think you will find that doing all that exercise you listed will make you feel great, build muscles and vitality and if you eat a healthy diet to support your exercise, you'll look better but kinda pretty much the same. If you want to get ripped, see your abs, have a beach body, you'll have to be calorie or portion-size conscious. Of course, there are lots of men who can just get ripped and see their abs with exercise and no attention to diet, so you will find out if you are one of them.
        Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.