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  • Treadmill for existing desk


    Im sure other people have converted standard treadmills to fit under existing desks and wondered if anyone could share a link or two on a good convertible treadmill.

    I currently am standing at my desk, my large monitor tilts back so makes it easy to see, and I just put my keyboard and mouse on a box to get it up. I find myself shifting my weight from one leg to the other as I stand for hours on end and would like to find a treadmill to take this to the next level.

    Looking for one I can remove the bars from and slide under my desk. Sure its been done and was hoping you could share your experiences and most of all a model or link

    Thanks everyone!

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    TR1200-DT3 Treadmill at LifeSpan Fitness

    and some images
    Would I be putting a grain-feed cow on a fad diet if I took it out of the feedlot and put it on pasture eating the grass nature intended?


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      It is way, way cheaper to do it with a used "normal" treadmill... there are desks made specifically to fit on them, or on the interwebz and Youtube there are a lot of people who have with a little cleverness built desks onto normal treadmills.

      I didn't have the bandwidth for that kind of cleverness, so I got a Treaddesk brand strolling tread and desk ( I was on the fence about it until I saw this post by Rebecca Skloot (author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks):

      Just reviving this because I LOVE MY TREADDESK SO MUCH WITH UNDIEING LUVS! I have a business and am a part time student and manage health issues of obesity and reactive hypoglycemia, and there was this constant tension between I Want/NEED To Move and I Have To Sit Here. Now I have certain things that I cannot stand to do at my sitting desk because it feels like an absolute waste of a good tread desk activity.
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