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    Originally posted by quikky View Post
    I so wish I had access to a prowler...

    Where do you guys find these things? CrossFit gyms?
    Buy one. Google prowler. Or go to elite fts and buy one. The econo version is 10 lbs lighter and a little differently shaped, but you save on cost and shipping. Shameless plug for the company I shop with all the time.


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      Originally posted by zilog View Post
      I would think just lugging something like a barbell that's on the ground would definitely leave you more prone to injury than something like a Prowler which has the special harness and is specifically made for this. That said there's no reason why you can't do it, just be careful to set your back properly and don't twist awkwardly etc.

      If I had a big garden I would definitely get a Prowler, they look awesome. Would not want to use one in a public space though due to a) the hassle of getting it there and b) the ever present menace of dog eggs.
      Find an empty parking lot and push