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    Originally posted by goinggrok View Post
    I almost want to stop being active to lose the numbers on the scale
    It kind of makes sense what you're saying. Because exercise makes you hungry. So you have to work it out for yourself and know that you've got your diet straight first, and that your exercise isn't making you too hungry. The key as I see it is, don't exercise to the point where you're feeling too stressed.

    A good thing to note is that weight training has been shown in studies to have a positive affect on fat loss. Because it increases your metabolism. Aerobics on the other hand decrease your metabolism if you do it while in a calorie deficit. So for that reason, it's best to let weight training be your first choice of exercise when you're cutting. Since the weights preserve the metabolism while in a calorie deficit, you can also include aerobics in addition. 2 weight sessions per week is plenty.

    Also note that as a woman you shouldn't be able to put on too much muscle anyways. Look up pictures of 5 lbs of fat vs 5 lbs of muscle models and you'll see the difference. Muscle weighs more than fat and therefore takes up less volume. And for that reason, comparing lb per lb, given the same weight you'd be better off having more muscle percentage wise.

    This is not to say that a lot of muscle looks good on a woman. I my opinion, I don't think so. But again, in most cases more muscle will be better, and the chances of you gaining too much muscle is actually slim.