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Needed: Aerobic Adventure suggestions

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  • Needed: Aerobic Adventure suggestions

    I recently got a copy of the Primal Blueprint 21 Day Transformation from the library and am now going through the book. I love it! I'm on Day 4 of my own Primal transformation and am looking for a new, unique aerobic adventure. I want to move outside of my comfort zone, but all of the exercises I can come up with are well within my comfort zone!

    I've thought of taking a yoga class, but I'm pretty sure any class I do will push me beyond the 55-75% max heartbeat due to the nature of physical fitness classes. The only things I can think of that are outside of my comfort zone are going to the gym and walking on a treadmill or stationary bike! Neither one sounds very interesting.

    What suggestions do you have for someone stuck in a currently very muddy part of Ohio?

    Activities that are within comfort zone:

    Roller Blading
    Ice skating
    Horseback riding

    If all else fails, I'll go to a new state park and engage in a mud-hike =)

    I appreciate any suggestions you guys can give!

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    I would recommend hiking and walking. There are two main ways I make it adventurous:

    1. Hiking in actual wilderness. What could be more adventurous than actual wilderness? Things you can do to make wilderness hiking even more adventurous:
    - If you see little side trails, take them and see where they go. (Do this if you have a good sense of direction.)
    - If there are trails that are super hard, try them out. Sometimes a challenge is just what you need. Extra credit for boulder hopping or stuff that requires you to climb with your hands and feet.
    - Go overnight backpacking.
    - Join a meet-up group or go hiking with local Sierra Club.

    2. Urban hiking in your city or suburb. How to make this more adventurous:
    - I like to go for something I call a walkabout. I just set off in a general direction with half a goal in mind and whatever looks interesting, I follow. I've explored new places in my neighborhood this way, found cute little parks and stuff. I do this with absolutely no time limit.
    - Local meetups and Sierra Club groups often do urban hiking.
    - A couple in my town actually named themselves the "Urban Hikers" and they made it a goal to walk every street in town. They made a blog. They posted pictures to a local community website. They discovered a lot of hidden treasures and became sort of like local reporters, sometime literally as they stumbled upon news-breaking stuff as it was happening and took pictures.
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      I'm all for hiking in the winter, as long as you can deal with the mud

      You can get GPS on loads of smartphones so you can set your start point, then always find your way back if you get lost
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