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Interesting podcast on Limits

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  • Interesting podcast on Limits

    I just listened to Radiolab's most recent podcast and wanted to share it here.

    It is on human limits, as in, how far we can push our bodies and minds. The middle segment is particularly interesting because it talks about a "govenor switch" in our brains that tells us when we are fatigued and need to stop. It is believed that this switch is naturally set fairly low and is only turned to high in times of dire stress, like when you are being chased by a bear (or any other animal who has its sights on eating Grok for dinner).

    The cross country bike race is also pretty interesting. Days of riding with only an hour or two of sleep each night. Amazing.

    Go here to listen -

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    Very cool, the mind is limitless in my opinion. We can push ourselves to do anything and everything.
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      Radiolab is one of the best media programs out there. All of their episodes are fantastic, Limits was no exception. I used to be a Marathoner and was getting into ultras when I found PB. I no longer have much desire to partake in endurance races like these but am still fascinated by the endeavors of endurance athletes.

      Anyone catch the recent Radiolab program on parasites? Very cool, one of the segments focused on hook worms and the guy they interview supposes that hook worms can cure allergies , asthma, and other modern "civilized" ailments. Very primal centered!


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        I love Radiolab, and the parasites episode was one of the best!
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