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  • Moving around a lot slowly

    I've got a confession to make - when I first started PB this was one of those things I ignored because I didn't think it was necessary (shame, shame, I know) but now that the weather has improved I've started walking a lot more and realized that it does help with fat loss (my current goal - already fairly lean but trying to lean out). I am now easily getting 3-5 hours of slow activity by walking to and from work several times a week (50 minutes each way) and yoga class.

    Here's my beef, though - a lot of the activities Mark suggests are just peachy if you live in the mountains/on a beach/in a temperate climate. I don't have a beach to walk/run on or hills to hike. Not to mention the fact that this is Canada and I'm not about to walk home at 5pm in the pitch black and -20C weather. I'm hoping to meet my leanness goals before next winter hits but when it does, what else can I do? The last thing I would want to do in the dead of winter is go to the gym after work to walk on a treadmill for half an hour.

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    "Not to mention the fact that this is Canada and I'm not about to walk home at 5pm in the pitch black and -20C weather."

    I do. I've never had a problem with Mosquitoes in January. I'd also rather walk in the cold than the rain. Thank the Lord I don't live n Vancouver.

    Honestly why would you walk a tread mill when you can bundle up and get fresh air? If you don't want to walk then at least do 4 x thirty seconds sprints on a stationary bike. That will give you the same results as a 45 minute jog.
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      It doesn't have to be exercise to be exercise, if ya know what I mean. Find something fun that gets you moving. This last winter, I'd crank up the music and dance around my livingroom. Otherwise I'd go to the mall and walk around there, up the stairs, down the stairs, up and down the ramps. Sometimes I'd just wander around the grocery store for an hour, just to get some extra movement in.


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        Yes, I can't stand rain either. I actually don't mind walking in -5 to -10C temps provided there's minimal windchill, so I suppose I could still get a few walks in during the winter.


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          It takes an extra ten minutes to bundle up then off you go. You can't beat looking at the stars on a cold winter night. Besides... you have all the park trails to yourself.


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            Thanks for the suggestions, guys! Now if only I could get my coldaphobe SO to bundle up with me to enjoy those winter starry nights!