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Wod 4/4 - 4/10

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  • Wod 4/4 - 4/10

    ~ 3 hours biking
    ~ 1 hour hike

    ...And icecream and tequila. Oh, bad girl this week!..
    On a mission to help others master movement, build unbreakable strength, & eat MORE food (can't beat that.) Weekly fitness, health & nutrition articles at

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    Tues: walk around downtown half hour at lunch. Walk around local college trail after work in higher low level range ~45 min.
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      walk 2 miles, jog 1/2mile, tabata sprints

      seems like a walk and hike kind of day


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        "Power Triplet"
        6 ROUNDS
        7 Clean & Jerks 135/95 FB 155/105
        10 Burpees
        200m Run


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          Strength Circuit, Three Rounds

          25 Pushups

          30 Air Squats

          20 Dips

          One-Minute Ab Plank

          50 Pounds Upright Cable Rows

          Max Pullups

          92 Pounds Lateral Cable Rows

          44 Pounds Curl


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            Sprints and ~45 min walk


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              Today was the FIRST day in my friend's new gym!! We did 3 RFT of 400m run, 10 GHD situps, 10 box-jumps, 10 DB Shoulder Press (20#) 10 KB swings (16kg). I finished in 15:01
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                5 35# dumbbell snatches, each side
                10 reverse pushups

                10 deadlifts
                12 squat jumps

                10 bosu burpees

                15 box jumps
                10 decline sit ups

                1000 meter row

                2x15: knees to elbows


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                  sprints yesterday, rest for most of today, and then a little convict conditioning tonight.
                  I grok, therefore I am.


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                    50 minute spin class


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                      MetCon Day.

                      Too rainy to sprint on the grass so:

                      First Circuit

                      Skip Rope - 50 revolutions

                      Wall Ball -- 10 times with a 15-pound medicine ball

                      Do 10 sets each, alternating. No rest.

                      Take a break then:

                      Second Circuit

                      Box Jumps -- 10 times

                      Medicine Ball Slams -- 10 times

                      10 sets each, alternating. No rest.

                      Will need to sub out box jumps fora different exercise. While box jumping, something behind my right knee popped and it's stiff and sore. Iced it down. Having trouble walking DOWN stairs. Googled Box Jump Injuries and found out that at my age, I shouldn't be doing 'em. Would rather sprint anyway. Anyone have similar problems? I jump up and step down gently.

                      Finished off with a:

                      Kettlebell Medley

                      30-Seconds Kettlebell Swing Left

                      30-Seconds Kettlebell Swing Right

                      Rest One Minute

                      30-Seconds Kettlebell Snatch Left

                      30-Seconds Kettlebell Snatch Right

                      Rest One Minute

                      Then Do It All Again and Again . . . for 20 Minutes.
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                        One other very important thing that I forgot to mention is I train with VFFs, and for a workout involving jumps, I should not have used them. This may not sound primal but shoe cushioning matters in jumping exercises and basketball. I blame bad judgment on my part. Perhaps I can prevent others from suffering these kinds of injuries.


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                          Godzilla - I jump rope, do box jumps, squat jumps etc in barefeet. Though I'm not sure I would want to play basketball barefoot when everyone else is in shoes. Ouch.

                          Firday: 60 minutes of vinyasa yoga.

                          The weather here is gorgeous so I've been riding my bike everywhere. It's making me do other workouts less, but I can't complain being outside in the sun.


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                            why the reasoning behind no VFFs for jumping workouts Godzilla? I'm curious because I just got mine and doing plyo in them seems kinda cool.
                            I grok, therefore I am.


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                              I do all my jumping/plyometric training barefoot or in my FiveFingers as well... I think it gives me a much better bounce.

                              30sec. per each station, 5sec. rest b/w each exercise
                              Squat w/ Left Arm Press (12#)
                              Squat w/ Right Arm Press (12#)
                              Pike Jump
                              Left One-Leg Bridge
                              Right One-Leg Bridge
                              Pike Jump
                              Dip w/ Leg Raise
                              Left One-Leg Phantom Chair
                              Right One-Leg Phantom Chair
                              Repeat 3x

                              Phew! I forgot how good it felt to do a workout..Haven't done one in a week! I'm always nervous to do them in a fasted state (CW says you will pass out, etc), but I don't find that my performance suffers much at all.
                              On a mission to help others master movement, build unbreakable strength, & eat MORE food (can't beat that.) Weekly fitness, health & nutrition articles at