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Looking for metcon type workouts

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  • Looking for metcon type workouts

    Hi, i currently workout at regular gym(not crossfit) and i feel i need a little more high intensity workouts in my program.
    This is how i currently work out
    monday, thursday
    3x5 push press
    3x5 incline dumbbell flys
    3x5 flat bench dumbbell press
    2x10 lat pull down
    2x10 seated pull
    2x10 assisted pull up machine
    2x10 tricep pull down
    2x10 dumbbell bicep curl
    10 minutes worth of jump roping

    tuesday, friday
    3x5 back squat
    3x5 dead lift
    3x5 power cleans
    2x10 leg curls
    2x10 leg extensions
    2x10 calf raises
    tabata rows

    wen, sat, sun rest.

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    Do you want crossfit type metcons? Check the main site - they post a daily WOD - go through the history and jot down the metcons. Albany Crossfit has been doing some good WODs lately that might be up your alley - they also post their WODs daily.


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      Think about Interval Training.

      i.e. 30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest. As you get fitter either increase the work or reduce the rest.

      Works pretty well with kettlebells and bodyweight exercises or both.

      Burpees are always a killer in any set but great for getting your heartrate up very quickly.

      A ladder i do quite a bit is 10KB swings and then ladder burpees from 1 to 15 (used to be 10) and then back down again for time.

      the 300 workout is pretty good as well if you like challenges. you can google it and look at the different variations.
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        there are a few threads on here with some great metcon workouts. here's one i started a few months back:

        i also agree about looking at the crossfit WOD. even better, i think, is the spartan race's mostly body weight work that can really get that heartrate up for 20-30 minute workouts.


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          Originally posted by primalrob View Post
          there are a few threads on here with some great metcon workouts. here's one i started a few months back:

          yeah, check this thread. i bunch of us contributed ideas to it


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            Slow it down for more intensity.

            Doing it in HIT fashion will leave you toasted. Do one set all to failure (might need a spotter) know you hit failure when you continue pushing as hard as you can and it no longer moves or it starts to fall. Take 5-10 seconds on the concentric AND the eccentric movement. Move on to the next movement with no rest. Do the Big Five (bench, pull ups, shoulder press, rows, leg press)...and call it a day. Should be done in under 15 minutes for High Intensity Training.