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  • Critique/advice please! :)

    Hi everyone! I was hoping to get some advice with respect to my current training schedule. My main goals are to develop strength and condition for my sports (hockey and soccer), lose the spare tire, and correct a muscle imblance (rolled forward shoulders from years of heavy benching and working at a computer). I only have access to a gym from Tuesday - Friday and I devote 2 days/week to strength training, 1 day for sports, and 1 day for conditioning.

    Do you think the strength training I do is enough to correct my muscle imbalance and reach my goals? I'm really limiting the pushing exercises to help with this. Also, I used to do more of a focus on weighted chinups for my back because it's such a great strength exercise, but I've heard that it doesn't really help with the forward-rolled posture and can actually do more harm due to the mechanics of the lats. I've read that horizontal type rows are better to correct this imbalance. Note that I've used a cable row as my horizontal row because I detest barbell rows and the dumbells in my gym aren'y heavy enough for dumbell rows.

    Any advice would be much goes:

    MON. - Hockey (Fall/Winter) / Sprinting Drills (Spring/Summer)
    TUE. - Squats - 4 x 4
    Hanging Clean and Press - 3 x 4
    Weighted Chinups - 1 x 4
    Hyperextensions (explosive) - 2 x 8
    WED. - Active Recovery (light cardio, stretching, foam roller)
    THU. - Soccer (Spring/Summer) / Running Stairs (Fall/Winter)
    FRI. - Deadlifts - 3 x 4
    Pulley Rows (with rope attachment) - 3 x 4
    Rollouts (core) - 3 sets
    Pushups (explosive with hands elevated) - 1 set
    SAT./SUN. - Rest
    * Full body stretching every night.

    Thanks everyone!
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