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  • Suggestions!? How to begin?

    So I'm 24 years old, male, 6'5'' and I now weigh 260 lbs (down from 295 on March 1st). I would say all in all I am 93% paleo in my full week and this week I've begun IF-ing (which really isn't that bad at all!).

    So I want to do some training. What should I be doing? I am allergic to cardio... but I do have a set of weights that are 30 lbs. They're sitting in my living room right now, doing nothing.

    Any suggestions?
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    definitely start walking; it's probably my new favorite thing to do. the more time you spend doing stuff outside, the more you'll want to do. the weightlifters on here will give you more advice on the weight stuff...
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      An cheap, quick, and very effective way to start is with bodyweight exercises. Air squats, pushups, pullups, lunges, HLRs, planks, etc. Tabata sprints or other interval work will give you massive cardio benefits for very little time. (15, intense minutes 2x a week will do more for you than 3 hours of jogging.)

      I posted a while back about how I got started, before I had any good weightlifting equipment:

      My profile pic was taken after 3 months of bodyweight work only -- and on my pre-primal, mostly-vegan diet. Bodyweight rocks!
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        Walking and bodyweight exercises are a great way to start. Where do you want to be?


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          Agreed... walking and bodyweight would be a good start... that and a weekly hill sprint session.


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            Yep, google "prison workout." Body weight exercises are awesome. If you want to get cray-zay, just throw the body weight exercises into the middle of your walks- every 10 minutes, do 20 pushups/50 lunges/100 squats/whatever.


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              I agree with Barbey.

              Any of the clients I work with don't even touch weights for a good week or 2 of workouts... it's all body-weight and low-intensity work.
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