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If I workout in the whole week, how long should the workout last in a day?

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  • If I workout in the whole week, how long should the workout last in a day?

    Hey guys, I know workout in the whole week isn't a great idea. But the problem is I really like to workout and just push myself (not till compromise). So can you guys give me some advice? Tips? Thanks

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    I try to do one day hard and one the next day easy, but make the hard day good and hard and the easy day quite easy. I train 6 days a week and am a competitive rower.

    Ah just reread your question.

    It depends on how hard you go and how long you can manage really.


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      Well if you want to see improvements you need recover, that means resting, or you are going to wreck yourself.

      You could do differnt things on different days the way body builders do, like I dunno, run one day, pull ups the next, some kind of tabata thing the next day with star jumps and mountian climbers and burpees and so forth. Then you might get enough rest to see improvements.
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        Vhs19, what are your goals? Without knowing this is would be hard to give a proper answer to your question.


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          Sorry for not being specific enough. My goal is to be stronger


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            If you want to be stronger, have a look at Starting Strength. You want to do it in a programmatic way that actually works, not just flail around aimlessly.
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