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How can I train hard and get the energy I need from Paleo?

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  • How can I train hard and get the energy I need from Paleo?

    Hi Guy's,

    I know Mark says not to train hard all the time but as a WR holder and competitive rower I need to.

    I'm a lwt sculler that has ballooned up to 181 lbs and I need to lose 16 lbs to get back to 165 the Indoor rowing lwt limit. I hope this site will do the trick. I have been on Mark's lifestyle since Dec 10th and all is going well so far.

    Any tips about how to eat Paleo and still do my hard training would be most welcome. I typically do a 30 mins at 1.52 pace on the indoor rower one day followed by an easy day of 30 mins at 2.00 pace.

    Cheers Roy

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    What's your time limit?

    You can drop fat by going very low carb, but it may be hard at first and your performace may suffer a bit. But it will be the quickest way to lose weight.
    You can then continue to eat primal but add in more sweet potaoes, white rice, white potatoes etc once you've lost the weight you need to, and up the excersie again - you will probably find it hard to excersie at the same itensity and time while running on fat - it's possible but takes time to adjust as I understand it.

    Or you can go for a moderate carb approch, eating roots, tubers and sweet potatoes, maybe a bit of rice or white potatoe on really intense training days. This will probably take longer to lose weight but you should be able to carry on training in the way you are now (may be some adjustment time though)

    If you want to change your training a bit to go lower carb you could do an hour at say a 3 - 4 min pace for your fat burning move slowly instead of the 30 mins 2 min pace, then on the intense days do some shorter crazy ass interval high intensity sprint training that leaves you hanging after less than 15 mins intense work.
    You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................


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      Thanks Rob that is a big help. I'll stick to VLC and add in a yam or two maybe some white rice.