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Workout plan for my 70 year old mom?

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  • Workout plan for my 70 year old mom?

    Hi there!

    I just went Primal couple of weeks ago and it's great. I want to pass the experience on to my mom. For the nutrition part I think it's more or less pretty straight forward - after you get your old habits thrown in the air and find new ways.

    But for the training - how should inform/help her the best? Specially with heavy lifting + Sprints

    Low level cardio - easy, she can do that..

    Sprinting - should I just tell her to start sprinting her butt off - or are there specially good approaches for a woman in that age? :-)

    Lifting heavy - the most complex I guess. Should she just start out slowly/softly and then build up. I guess what I'm thinking - is the end goal for her to lift really heavy - or a modification? :-)

    I would love if someone has some input :-)


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    Walking is the low level cardrio
    Walking faster would be the sprints... progressing to jog, run, sprint
    Maybe start her off with modified pushups, squats, etc or get her a set of resistance bands to begin with.


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      Mark has an article on this:


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        What kind of exercise does she get now? Hey, 70 is not that old. I am not that far away from 70 myself. I rode my bicycle across this country with a couple of 70 year old women not long ago. The average age of our group of 28 women was around 65.
        If you have any hills in your area suggest that she exagerate her step a little going up the hills (lunges lite). As she gets more fit she can exagerate more and move more quickly. Slow and steady is always good when just starting out.
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          I'll be 69 this summer, and my advanced arthritis makes walking difficult--so I swim. I swim laps for 40 min. 3x a week, and I also do some water exercises to strengthen my legs (program from physical therapist). I'm a female and never had better muscle definition in my life!


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            You might want to check out the Lotte Berk Method dvd's for her.
            LBM has been around forever (Callanetics, Bar Method and Core Fusion are all based on it) and it's a bit like Pilates on steroids (it works larger muscle groups than Pilates) but very Primally suited, as it uses a lot of body weight movements, some free weights, lots of core stabilization and the workouts are short and efficient. It protects the knees and strengthens the back. It gets your heat pumping, too!
            I personally like Core Fusion the best (because it's more intense- like LBM on steroids!) but the original LBM would be perfect for a beginner or older person.


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              Thanks all And thanks CathyG for the link - didn't notice that article before.. I think I'm gonna do some stationary bike interval training with her to start with. Usually I would prefer to go outside and so some stuff - but the stationary bike seems very safe and easy on the joints - and a good place to get into it.. Then we can always get more creative later.. And then some strength work - probably starting out with some body exercises - moving to weights if she feels like. Her plan is to lose 22 pounds - so I'm excited for her - and will try to help her as much as I can taking from PB principles..