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Getting muscles if you're SKINNY?! tips?

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  • Getting muscles if you're SKINNY?! tips?

    Hey I'm have a really skinny frame.

    I don't want to get absolutely beefed, but bigger muscles and definition would be nice.

    I've been working hard and have some tone.

    Just wondering if anyone has any tips, advice beyond the standard primal guidance for people who are naturally less able to build muscle?

    If you're bothered this is what I look like atm:

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    I can't see the picture. However, to build muscles, you need to lift heavy. Try a program like Stronglifts or a program from Project Swole. Eating more will help as well.


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      Ok ill check them out cheers! try this link mayb?

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        Rockstareddy - I just started with the Stronglift 5 x 5 today. Check out From there you can download an ebook for free and also a spreadsheet outlining the program for you. Excellent site. I think.

        I am not associated with it in any form, except that I have downloaded the ebook and excel sheet.
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          cheers, I've heard about it before, I'll check it out! I guess the formula is the same no matter where you start lol

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            SL 5x5 is popular and is the first strength training program I ever did. However, if I could go back and do it all over again I would have started on the Starting Strength program. They are very similar programs but SS is simply better. In fact Mehdi of SL has been criticized because SL is basically a modified version of SS and Bill Starr's 5x5 program. If you ask me now, after training on the SL program for 5 months and then learning about SS and switching to that program, the programming design of SL sucks in comparison. SS is the place to start if you want to go about your barbell training in the smartest way possible. The book is 30 bucks and worth every penny.



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              This is a popular post from last year:


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                I am a girl, but I think a lot of the principles are the same. I have had a lot of success putting on muscles, after 28 years of thinking that I really couldn't. My tips are:

                -Lift heavy things, and push yourself with it. Try to use free weights (as opposed to machines) as much as possible. I used a book called '14 day body sculpting for women' - there is a man's version.
                -After lifting heavy things HAVE A REST DAY.
                -I have a low carb post workout shake after LHT (sugar free protein powder and unsweetened almond milk). Not very primal, but I think I see a difference.
                -Take Vit D immediately after LHT
                -Minimise that cardio. Weekly sprints are good, long walks and bikes good. Gym rat = bad.
                -On eating days, I found good results by spreading smaller amounts of protein throughout the day (not necessarily very primal, but this worked for me). So, I would have breakfast, lunch and dinner - all LC primal, and keep cottage cheese and boiled eggs and chicken legs in the fridge at work; I'd typically have an 11am and a 3pm snack
                -Eat fat with your protein. Kill off / minimise the insulin
                -IT for 24 hours once a week - kill off that insulin response

                Good luck. It really didn't take me long to build a lot of muscle. I had a DXA scan, and after putting on 3 lbs my bf had dropped 2% in 3 months. So, it can be done.


                Lekki xxx


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                  Eat plenty of protein and fat, nutrient time your carbs to around workouts, and in the mornings. Get plenty of sleep, and train hard. I wouldn't avoid an insulin spike at specific times of the day if your main goal is adding muscle and strength.

                  Make sure you have a healthy gut, maybe think of supplementing with probiotics. You are what you eat and ABSORB.
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                    The biggest thing for skinny guys is to remember that eating is training. The biggest difference you can make in your training is upping your fork to mouth curls.

                    Up your portions just a bit each week. You'll be packing away the amount of food you need to grow in no time. Don't worry about gaining some fat with your muscle. It happens, and you can always lose it again as long as you don't let it get out of control.

                    High-calorie smoothies based on cream/coconut milk/avocado/olive oil/nuts (and bananas if you're not too worried about your carbs) are your friend. Protein shakes are overrated for most purposes, but if you find yourself skipping meals because you're pressed for time, quality whey protein with gobs of coconut oil in it makes for a quick meal full of all the stuff you need.

                    Make sure you get plenty of A, D, and iron. Red meat, fish, and liver are staples.

                    Add a tablespoon of fat (or more) to everything.

                    I'm well on my way to being a former skinny guy thanks to my efforts with a fork.

                    Remember: Eating is training.
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                      If you're simply interested in visible hypertrophy, you need to lift in the 10-15 rep range, which focuses development on repetition efficiency, consequently expanding sarcoplasmic fluid. 5 rep sets will primarily induce thickening of myofibrils (the contractile component of muscle fibers) which are only a small fraction of your total cell volume. If you're a hard gainer, then yes, as was mentioned, you need to eat like a beast at all times to fuel modest growth.


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                        Lol I like eating is training! Nice idea. The only problem there is sometimes I find eating too when Im not hungry can make me sluggish, and I only realy get hungry at standard meal times.

                        @fireandstone thats confusing I was always told muscular hypertrophy was 3-6 reps, then strength at about 6-12, then endurance and tone 12+ ?! it doesn't matter too much dont want hypertrophy, already got little stretch marks grr didn't want those at this early stage,

                        Anyway thanks for the advice guys, I'm gonna spend time looking through some of this stuff. And train hard! maybe ill put an after pic up in a few months!
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                          The desire to change must be greater than the resistance to not.

                          Good luck!
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