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Great workout but think it was in the wrong order

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  • Great workout but think it was in the wrong order

    KB High pulls 88lbs 5 x 2

    KB Snatch 70lbs 5 x 5

    Dips 12,12,8

    Pull ups 3 x 4

    Sledge hammer tire slams 16lbs 4 x 10 both sides

    This smoked me but I think I should have started off with pull ups as I can usually do more. When I got to the bar and started to pull I had to laugh a bit as think my central nervous system was shot to hell. Will be finishing with the sledge way more often as that smoked me.

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    for those exercises, i probably would have done the snatches first. then the pullups. then the dips, then the high pulls. then finished with the slams.


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      I agree.....think that CNS fatigue hit me too soon


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        try it that way next time and let us know how it went


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          I always start off with the hardest exercise 1st but i wouldn't be too hard on youself


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            Think it was just the super low pull up count that got to me....everything else went to plan. I destroy myself twice per week and then go hiking on the weekends seems to work for me for the past year and a half. I used to think that you had to go traditional bodybuilder style but sticking with the basics and going heavy has resulted in some massive gains.

            Recovery is king and think eating lots of meat works wonders as well!


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              Same workout pretty much but in different order.

              Pull ups: 8,6,4,4,4

              Dips: 13,12,10,9

              KB Snatch 70lbs: 6,6,8,8

              Felt good Snatch 88lbs: 3,3

              KB Rows 70lbs: 8,8,8

              Planks: 40sec. 3 times

              Felt good and fresh after workout and the change in order seemed to keep my CNS in good order. Went off on the snatch compared to the last time and I think it was due to proper order. 88lbs shocked me but I was feeling so good I just went for it and my workout partners jaw dropped and I gave out a good old primal scream after!