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  • Inflammation

    I ve been reading about inflammation being the cause of heart disease and have a question regarding that: I assume they mean inflammation in the cardio system and not from, say, a bad back/ knee from the gym or a hurt ankle from snowboarding ect...?


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    I've been reading around the topic of inflammation too and I think that the damage to the body is caused by inflammation in the actual area. Having said, I think a number of lifestyle factors (e.g. a high sugar diet) could cause inflammation in a number of different parts of the body leading to heart disease or some kind of arthritis for example. I doubt that swelling from a particular injury causes inflammation elsewhere, however the condition is the same. If you have inflammation in a number of locations they could perhaps be linked to one cause - eg. a toxic environment. Also, it may affect people in different ways - e.g. heart disease in one person, arthritis or weight gain in another. Those are my thoughts after reading on the subject.

    Be interested to hear what others say.
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