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what exercises should i do to prepare for u.s. Army basic training?

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  • what exercises should i do to prepare for u.s. Army basic training?

    Don't really stress too much. Basic is designed to take weak, out of shape people, and develop then into soldiers. If you really want to prepare, lots of body weight exercises, runs, and ruck marches will do fine. What mos are you enlisting for?

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    what exercises should i do to prepare for u.s. Army basic training?

    i know their main ones are push ups, sit ups, and two mile run. but i was wondering if anyone else has been there or to any military recruit training and know some drills to do? i know they do stuff like low craw, bear crawl, crab walk and i know some of their warm ups, but does anyone have any ideas?


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      Don't worry about all the other stuff. Run. Run. Run. Then run somemore. Go slow. You don't need to be fast, just have the cardio base. Do pushups, correctly. Aside from sit-ups, do flutter kicks. You'll do a lot at Basic. And get used to walking a lot. You can prep for that by throwing on a back pack with about 25 lbs and start walking.

      Make sure you take time to rest so you don't injure yourself before going to basic. The most important thing to train for basic training is your mind. You'll be pushed further than you will think you can go. If you push yourself to the point of misery a few times before you leave, you'll be prepared for a little of what to expect. Just keep reminding yourself, it will end. Focus on the finish line and just get there. It doesn't have to be pretty. Just get there.

      Take care and good luck!
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        thanks guys. and i'm going in as 11Bravo. doing the option 40 contract and getting Airborne and Ranger Assessment and Selection Program in my contract as well. possibly even pre-Ranger and Ranger school, not entirely sure. great tips, both of you! and i just want to know what to expect because Airborne Rangers are the ones who go through the most rigorous physical and mentally challenging training, if i'm not mistaken. i have my father's old army ruck sack so i'll start rucking with that


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          Army PRT (Physical Readiness Training) information at

          This is the new way of doing PT that just started in the past year or so. This is what you will do at Basic Training.

          *Edit* Seriously, though, how many of these threads are you going to start? What, specifically, do you need to know that you haven't already been told, or can't find in .02 seconds of Googling?

          Usually people who keep asking the same questions over and over are not actually looking for answers- they are looking for confirmation they are doing the right thing, or someone to converse with, or reassurance, or are trying to elicit an answer (or shortcut) that hasn't yet been given.

          What do you really want? There have been multiple people on here that have given you great advice- whether you like mine or not, there's plenty more to pick from. There really is no secret to fitness- work hard towards a goal. Rest. Recover. Repeat.

          Honestly, from what I remember of basic training, and what the new guys are telling me, the part that is most difficult are the classes- learning all the information and techniques that you need to know, and be able to do them when you are fatigued and stressed. This is the stuff where people die if you screw it up- tourniquets, entering/clearing a room, calling on the radio for a MEDEVAC or reporting an IED.

          Trust the program, and you'll make it through. No matter what you do- all the running and pushups and situps in the world can't prepare you for pullups, or even just the amount of walking that you will be doing, to say nothing of ruck marching with a pack and a weapon- No matter what you do you are still going to have to work hard when you get there.

          Prepare your mind to work hard. Be a duck, and let everything bad roll off your back. Be Zen. Keep that little voice in the back of your head that's always saying, "...and the horse you rode in on!" Whatever you need to do to keep your head straight (aside from substance abuse), get on it. I've never heard of anyone who couldn't be trained to reach the standards by the end of basic training, unless they were physically injured or couldn't hack it mentally.

          I've told you before that you need to learn how to run without pain, and that is the only injury-prevention step you can really take, other than general strengthening. Everyone else that washes out did so because they couldn't mentally handle it for whatever reason- they can't take the stress, or there are issues from back home, or they just simply have issues.
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