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  • Tendonitis?!

    Let me preface this post by saying I haven't been officially diagnosed by a "medical professional" but there is a family history of tendonitis, especially in the afflicted area: forearms. I use my forearms a lot when I train, and lately, especially the day after training I'm sore/tender beyond what I would believe would result from my workout. Even more concerning is that I'm experiencing some weakness too. The targets of my workout get sore and heal and I feel stronger, but the pain persists in my forearmsÖ

    Any suggestions on how to combat this affliction whether it is tendonitis or not?

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    Rest. I've gotten tendonitis in my forearms before when I was rock climbing regularly, and the best solution is just to take a break from whatever you are doing that aggravates it until it heals. I pushed it for a while, and now I believe that I have noticeably less grip strength in the affected arm. It might also be a muscular imbalance, and not an aggravation of the tendon- in which case in addition to resting your forearms, you might also try to do some strengthening/mobility exercises... i.e. if it is a problem with your flexors, try strengthening your extensors, and vice versa.
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