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    Hey guys...sorry for the delay. I guess I need to turn on some type of notification system that alerts me when I get comments. Delinquency at it's finest. A few days after I posted that video I re-injured my achilles playing basketball so have taken a hiatus from heavy lifting.

    The first order of business is to start working on the deadlift (and squats since I've now convinced myself I'm not as good as I think). I'm currently doing yoga to try and strengthen my legs and back as well as improve flexibility. It's something I've been wanting to do for a while anyways.


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      ^Sweet! Good luck man. Good to see you back. Form is just something we all have to keep conscious of. Personally, I'd blow a disc if I didn't. Got enough pre-existing reasons to be very strict with mine


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        Your hamstrings are tight and as others have said, your posterior isn't being efficiently engaged in the lift. A nice queue to feel what this means is with an empty barbell hanging at around knee level with knees bent in *your* normal deadlift stance, move your knees slightlyback. This will push and close your hips (ass) back and engage your posterior/hams properly. It will feel a little tight because it's a different range of motion for you - but this is what should be lifting the weight, not your lower back (like it is in the videos). Air squats will help by concentrating on shooting your hips (ass) behind you.

        yoga will help immensely - pigeon pose especially
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          Several problems with the deadlift:

          - The bar should be in contact with your shin. You push it forward at the beginning of your setup. You want the bar to be over your midfoot, which is the center of mass, which is about 1 inch from your shin (when you're standing by the bar, not during the lift), throughout the entire lift.
          - The bar should be in contact with your leg throughout the entire movement, see the previous point as to why.
          - You do not keep your lumbar spine in proper extension. On several of the reps, your back rounds, especially on the way down.
          - Get better shoes. What's better? Lifting shoes. What's not as good but better than your shoes? Chucks, or minimalist shoes. Or, go barefoot altogether. Squishy running shoes are terrible for lifting.
          - Don't bounce the bar off the floor. It's called a deadlift because the weight is dead on the floor. Set the bar down fully on the ground after every rep, don't just touch 'n go.


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            Start doing towel pullups and a few fingertip pushups to build forearm strength. Start holding your heavy DL at the top for 10-20 seconds on your last rep of the day.


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              Also, farmer's carry with kettlebells or really anything at all heavy. A couple months ago I noticed my grip strength suddenly shoot up and couldn't figure out why. Around the same time, I also got a bigger aquarium (I have several) that required special water. I realized that lugging two big jugs of the water from the fish store and up the stairs into my apartment--they're 50 pounds each--three times a week was having extremely positive effects on my forearm strength!