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    Ok, so it's not exactly primal. I don't think grok was planting trees or tomato plants (after all, he was pre-agriculture).

    However, I spent the day out in the yard planting some trees, and it's the best full-body workout I've had in a while. Lifting and moving around 100+ lb trees, tossing 40lb bags of compost around, and digging 3' wide by 2' deep holes in rocky soil for about three body's going to feel this tomorrow. I was surprised when I checked my heart rate at one point and found it was ~ 160 bpm. Guess I got a little cardio work in too. After watching the guys at the landscape nursery throwing those trees into the back of my truck like they were toothpicks, I have a new appreciation for the level of strength required for that job.

    Anyone else get a good workout gardening or doing other yard work?

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    It is a workout.... the other day I moved my small compost pile to the back of the yeard. I have a 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot and a small tidy cats litter bucket that i used. I also refuse to buy the miracle grow organic choice so I fill buckets of soil up from across the yard and haul them over by hand to fill my raised bed. That gets old. I don't have a truck and I'm impatient or else I'd go to the local nursery and grab a load of soil. I'm anxious to get some seeds planted. I found that I don't want to fill up my other raised bed by hand so I'm probably gonna find a truck to use. Pulling a bed full of this tropical plant out that has a gazillion roots and sweet potato looking things out of the ground is tons of work... gotta shovel up all the dirt and get these big roots out. no fun.


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      Well... Grok might not have done that... But he didn't have to contend with contaminated food either! A friend of mine posted a photo on her FB page... An awesome looking strawberry patch (HUGE), with a sign in front that has a skull and crossbone, danger pesticides... NOW... IF you can't walk in it, Why the heck could you eat that!

      I LOVE to Garden! I plant salad, (tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers etc..), salsa, onions, garlic, celantro, jallepenios, herbs, and some fruit. Cantalope, my peach tree might give me a few this year... plus tangerines, and olives... And the workout, especially at the beginning of the season is AWESOME... gets my legs really good!!!

      Should we start a Gardening group???


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        I want to be in the gardening group. I have never had a garden before but this year me and my husband will have one thats about 1400 sq ft. I plan on dehydrating and canning a lot of food this year so I don't have to buy crap from the store.
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          I've set up a group about gardening, gathering, hunting your food, would be good to see you there so's I can pic your brains...


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            Even I have garden, sometimes it's hard to maintain. Even I think there are landscape maintenance equipment which makes landscape beautiful simpler.


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              When age complicated by structural damage, or structural damage complicated by age, whatever, started to take over I traded all of my running, jumping, ducking, and hiding in the woods, mountains, oceans(!), etc. for gardening.

              I like to grow things that work with minimum worry. Actually most of what I grow are considered weeds by the average person. I have been eating my own asparagus for years now. The patch is spreading. I used to fight the bugs and other critters until I decided to start to grow things that the bugs seem to leave alone. Lamb's quarter instead of spinach, amaranth instead of lettuce. I even stopped my war on dandelions because the leaves and flowers are good. Fry some of the flowers in butter with whatever spice you like. I still put in things like tomatoes, peppers, egg plant, etc. but my edible weeds come back to visit every year and treat me well. Those nightshades are for other people anyway. I grow a lot of melons---watermelon, cantaloupe, three or four Asian melons (some more like squash), herbs, and spices. Cucumbers come along too pretty easily for me. I have a yearly commitment to pass out gallons of butter pickles.

              I grow burdock, gobo, and daikon. Also radishes and carrots. My 'best' seed source is my own garden. My second best source is Kitazawa Seeds, in Calilfornia. They specialize in Asian produce and I am a fan of Japanese cuisine.

              Fruit trees---two plum, three apple, one nectarine, three peach. The peach were rescued from an abandoned property out in the country--nothing like wild peaches. I plan to put in some native persimmons this fall. They fill the woods around here. There is a pecan tree on a neighbors lot that abuts mine. He doesn't consume all of the nuts and is happy for me to help 'clean' his yard by raking up some myself. There is a trio of kiwi trees in the future plans box. One male, two female. One male should be good for four or more female plants, but I think that two fruit producers should make the pollen producer happy. I want to get hold of a cultivar of hickory nut that grows as a bush instead of a tall tree. Haven't found them around yet.

              I can go on and on about a garden. I bore people sometimes. I'll just stop here. Life goes on.
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