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Can we gain are animal instincts and special senses back?

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    On my daughters dairy farm, the cows all sat down on their way into the dairy shed (4.30am), minutes before the big quake.
    maybe animals are attuned to the earth vibrations, noise ?
    when you had one of the ones after the one where everyone got killed, it shook worse down here where i was than it did on the nasty one. it just kept shaking for a few mins. the kids were way away at school so i checked out what the horse was doing. i figured she would know if it was anything to freak about. and she wasnt worried. she kept on eating grass. i try to pay attention to smells when i am out. i watch the dogs nose as he has the nose of a blood hound and is a fancy pants hunting dog so he is onto everything. i can tell from the clouds, the wind or how damp the air feels now if it is going to rain. all of this needs practise and a familiarity with your own environment. so yes i think we can get the skills back but you need to try as we have been urbanised for way too long.


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      Originally posted by drnemer View Post
      I am an Anthropology major. I will say that you have not lost any of your "animal senses' one you are a animal. Two you use your animal instincts and special senses everyday life. If you are talking about wilderness survival, I would say that you probably are smart enough and have enough instincts to adapt to most surroundings, which are your instincts.
      Yeah that's true. And here's an example: Some of the same people who teach wilderness survival awareness also teach classes in urban escape and evasion that draws upon the same basic awareness...just applied to a different environment

      In nature you have what's called baseline behavior. Hunters experience it. You walk up to a hide/blind (or just out for a hike) and everything is quite (no birds or squirrels moving). The hunter/hiker has caused a bird plow ahead of him that communicated his/her approach to any other animals in the area. After about 20-30 minutes in the hunter's hide he'll see and hear the birds and squirrels moving and feeding. The environment has returned to "baseline." In the city you also have baseline activity and things that step outside that baseline can grab you attention. My dog's situational awareness is keen to the bird alarms here in the country. But if I turned him loose in the city (where his situational awareness sucks) he'd get his ass run over by running out into the highway.

      Here's a video lecture on situational awareness and baseline applied to an urban environment
      Escape & Evasion - Dave Scott - 2011 Survival & Preparedness Conference - YouTube

      see G4 video onPoint Tactical - BLOG: Watch onPoint on TV
      the owner of onpoint was featured in a History Channel program, After Armageddon (After Armageddon - History Channel (Read Description) - YouTube), a hypothetical pandemic. I haven't taken the class but it looks like it'd be fun.
      Would I be putting a grain-feed cow on a fad diet if I took it out of the feedlot and put it on pasture eating the grass nature intended?


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        Originally posted by NZ primal Gwamma View Post
        This could be a really fun argument to have which part of the world things happen backwards/reverse LOL...however i had best not !!!!!!
        have a great day peoples !
        Well, my globe says we're right-side up and you're upside-down. North being up and South being down. Plus, there's always snow on Xmas in the movies, which proves that December should be in the winter, not the summer.

        Please present some equally specious evidence to the contrary and the games can begin. Thanks.
        The Champagne of Beards