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SPRINTS, with cardio injections ???

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  • SPRINTS, with cardio injections ???

    I work my sprints into a 4.3 mile run,
    warm up, then hard sprint / walk (recovery) / jog again till next hill or land mark and sprint again,
    about 46 minutes total time.
    (I definately get a full hard sprint, bout the 30 second mark, nothin left but to walk it off )
    Here's my question.

    is the benefit of the sprint offset by some of the additional cardio between the sprints ?
    (ie, there's about a mile of woods trail I just jog thru, no sprint due to rocky and rooty trails,
    otherwise the recovery is about 90 seconds, then jog to next sprint.)

    anyone got some thought on this ?

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    Not very optimal because of accumulated fatigue, so the intensity of sprints will be too low, especially the latest. Much better to find a steep hill or a public stair where you can sprint up for 20 - 30 seconds walk down when recuperating. First do 10 - 15 sprints including 3 - 4 warmups and 1 -2 calm downs. Then take a short break for 5 minutes and continue with LISS cardio = 20 - 30 minutes of easy jogging. You can do this protocol 5 - 6 days per week if you like, but only do all out sprints 1 - 2 days a week, so most of the days should be sub maximal efforts. Very efficient for fat burning and bodyrecomposition in my opinion...
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