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Is Sprint 8 just tabata with longer rest periods?

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  • Is Sprint 8 just tabata with longer rest periods?

    I just recently came across the term "sprint 8" and read up on it. To me it just seems like tabata with longer rest period as it does sprints for a total of 4 minutes but between the 30 second sprints(jnstead of 20) you rest, or "active rest" for 1 min 30 secs as opposed to 10 seconds.

    what is the deal here? is it as effective as tabata?

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    Interval training is interval training - no protocol is ever going to be effective as when an individual adjusts the variables to get the best results out of it. I find it funny that more people now know about Tabata than ever cared when it was just called Interval Training.
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      So I might hijack this a bit,
      Kindof a same question, at the other end of spectrums,

      I work my sprints into a 4.3 mile run, well, hard sprint / walk / jog again till next hill or land mark and sprint agian,
      about 46 minutes total time.
      (I definately get a full hard sprint, bout the 30 second mark, nothin left but to walk it off )
      Here's my question.

      is the benefit of the sprint offset by some of the additional cardio btween the sprints ?
      (ie, there's about a mile of woods trail I just jog thru, no sprint due to rocky and rooty trails,)

      anyone got some thought on this ?