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  • Advice for starting over?

    Hi all, I'm back to MDA after spending the last 18 months finishing up my dissertation (molecular genetics and analysis of genomic data). While I've had brief spurts of "I've gotta get back in shape", it never lasted past the next deadline, or I'd injure something in the first 2 weeks in the gym. Well, I'm done with school now and it's time to re-claim my body and stop hunching in front of a computer all day!

    I plan on following Mark's plan (of course!), but at age 46 I've noticed that I gain muscle strength faster than I gain tendon/joint strength and seem to get tendon-related injuries if I try to increase my weight as fast as I'm "able".

    So I'm looking for advice on the best/optimal way to work on my ligament/tendon strength and get back into exercising without injury!


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    convict conditioning.

    coach wade puts a lot of focus in his book about the need to build up tendon strength, so the program starts at very beginner levels with slow repetitions which make them pretty difficult. i just started it about a month and a half ago and i'm amazed at the difference i'm noticing in my wrists and elbows and everything else.


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      I never would have found that on my own! LOL But it sure sounds like what I need -- thanks, I will check it out!