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Could I be overtraining my 'core'?

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  • Could I be overtraining my 'core'?

    I was a bit weak on my planks this morning doing my LHT. I wondered if I might be over-training my core and not allowing it to recover?

    I'm following the '7 weeks to 50 pull-ups' programm on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays, it doesn't take long to do, but obviously pull-ups work the core (especially when you have to raise your legs to keep them off the floor as you have a door frame pull-up bar and you are not a hobbit)

    I'm doing HIIT on Sundays as I can't do running sprints, things like press-ups, burpees, sqauts with an over-head press (low weight) jumps onto a box, and plenty of these work my core too.

    I do LHT on Thursday, so all of those work the core (I've dropped the pull ups as I'm working them other days)

    I go for a bike ride on tuesdays so that's nice and easy, not much more that keeping me up (no more that walking, it's a moderate ride on roads and easy trails)

    So it's only really Saturday I get a propper rest day, and tuesdays a mostly rest day.

    Should I stop being a moaning girl pants and just get on with it?

    Should I drop the planks as I'm doing enough for core stability the rest of the time? (recon it's good as you can see where my 'abs' are even though I'm still a fat bugger)

    Should I change the days round to include LHT and my bike ride on pull-ups days giving my more rest days?

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    Rob you've confused me with all the stuff you're doing. Were it me, I'd just go back to basics of primal type fitness and follow a more simplified regime for a while. I am trying to keep it simple and low key myself. I started off in March with just doing HIT rowing twice or three times a week. In June I added Body by Science strength training once a week. Now that I have lost over 50lbs I am moving on to bodyweight exercises with some weight and sandbag (just bought one and the inners still need filling) thrown in. I am unable as yet, to do proper press ups but I'm getting there and do good form ones on the side of the bath. I use two chairs to do dips with my feet resting on the floor. I sold the rowing machine and bought a pull ups/dips/leg raise tower and have started using a chair so that I can get my legs to assist the pulls up and chin ups at the moment. I've got an old 70ltr rucksack containing some camping gear, a bag of sand & two 10kg weights for extra weight when doing squats. I just do what I can do, although I come away with jelly legs and spaghetti arms.

    Bottom line, it sounds to me as though you're doing too much at present if you are not improving your performance. Of course, I am no expert as I've only my own experience to go on. Also, I was told by a gym teacher when I had an off day doing the BBS "Sometimes you're just not up for it, forget it and move on."
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      I wouldn’t waste much time and energy on the core if I were you since it will be stimulated by almost everything else you are doing, so a couple of hard sets once or twice per week will be more than enough. I think it was Vince Gironda that recommended to not exercise the core at all, because it thickens the waist, and also stresses the central nervous system by overdoing it. Anyway, most people are wasting far too much time and energy doing core training, that’s my humble opinion! I seldom train the core, have never done the plank, and still my abs are among my best developed body parts…
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        It sounds like your regular training is hitting your core hard so you shouldn't need any extra work IMHO
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          Thanks guys' I think I'll drop the planks from LHT for now and spend the time practicing head-stands instead - then I might put some metal energy into working out how to re-arrange what I do to combine the pull-ups days with LHT and cycling, see how it fits in.
          That would give me 4 days out of 7 with some kind of workout, that seems better for resting up.

          Can't seem to make brain work now though
          You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................


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            as has been said, pretty much everything you do works the core provided you do it right. So maybe the only point training more is if you have specific goals to work towards such as feats of strength like flags etc. I don't really see how you can overtrain the core though I'm sure you'd know if you did.


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              Well in my mind over-training comes when you don't leave enough time to recover and reduce ability next time you do something, totally possible with any excersise really.
              You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................


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                I guess so. Is that actually happening though? You didn't really make it clear in your OP. I think there's a big difference between overtraining and under recovery anyway. The latter could be caused by under eating, not getting enough sleep, not stretching enough etc rather than being a simple case of too much activity.