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Eating more vs. increasing recovery

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    I should point out that I'm getting 20g from counting trace fat grams. Fitday allows me to see that even something like a can of carrots has half a gram of fat. Still, I do get 4 g of fat from my fish oil. But the majority of my fat comes from lean meat. Lean meat still has fat and I'm using the leanest out there: beef round. I'm eating 18oz of this every workout day to load on protein and natural creatine. As lean as it is, it still adds up to 24g of fat for the day, 12 of which are in the post-workout window. Round steak is even leaner than chicken. I don't see how it's possible to have a significant amount of any meat without getting this much fat. And without meat, it would be very difficult to reach my high protein intake. Those other options you mentioned aren't an option for me. My schedule is very tight and I don't have the ability to cook eggs quickly, let alone separate the yolks. And a regular supply of greek yogurt is something I can't afford.

    Besides, I know that fat can blunt the insulin response. I read the article about carb refeeds here on MDA. Mark said to keep fat intake below 50g for the day, which I do, hovering around 40g.

    As for fiber blunting the insulin response. I didn't know this, but even if I eliminated the vegetables on the workout day, I'm still going to get quite a bit of fiber from potatoes if I start going heavy on those.

    And by venturing from the Primal way, I meant that I'm eating on average more carbs than I probably should be for my level of activity (lifting 3 days a week is all I do and all I have time for).