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How to move at a slow pace during cold weather!

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    um, put a coat on and go for a walk? surely you don't live in the artic circle now, do you?


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      I have a nice mountain trail with close to 2000 feet of elevation gain five minutes from my place. There are usually a lot of people on it when the weather is awesome, but when it's cold and snowy no one goes. I did a hike there last year right after it dumped 14 inches of snow and it was awesome. I tested out some of my cold weather gear. Just wore some snowboots. Got really good pics of deer in belly-deep snow.


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        The vvf are cold but I am ok to abou -10C in my merrels with socks...after that it is boots in the snow. Walking in the snow ups the workout level and with the unstable surface the boots don't present as much of an issue.
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          I'm also in the Northeast and I try to do my walking at noon, when it's warmer. I eat at my desk, then walk during my one-hour lunch break. Some days are tough, but I go to the park and focus on the beauty of winter rather than the biting cold! You warm up rather fast once you get moving. I just wear minimalist sneakers (Nike Frees) with warm socks. They have good enough traction when it's slippery if you take it slow. If there's a lot of snow, I throw on the hiking boots. I think it's better to be outside moving in non-minimalist shoes than inside in Vibrams. I need that Vitamin D all I can get! But that's just my personal preference. Also, do like your mama says and wear a hat and gloves, of course!


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            Do you have a circulatory problem?

            If not, your body CAN adjust to bare feet in some very cold conditions. I speak from experience as someone who has spent a lot of time barefooted in all sorts of weather without particularly noticing it...I did it because the discomfort of walking barefoot with snow on the ground was less than my personal dislike of wearing shoes. I would assume VFF to be basically like bare feet plus.

            Whether you want to is another question, but feet are pretty amazing in terms of what they can handle if you give them a chance.