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Do the slow movement in one day vs in different days?

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  • Do the slow movement in one day vs in different days?

    I am going to start my PBF with 3 hours of walking a week, the question is, is there any difference between:

    a) walk 3 hours on monday

    b) walk 1h monday, 1 wensday, 1 friday

    2nd question

    Is it bad to walk the same day as the Lift heavy things day?


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    Is there a reason you want to limit it? The only problem I could see with doing it all on one day, was if you're going to be totally sedentary the rest of the time. That can't be good.
    If you still walk (in the course of your job or other activities) on the other days, then that should be fine. There's at least no reason not to walk and lift on the same day.


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      I'm not going to go back an re-read the entire of PBF for you, but IIRC I don't think it makes any difference if you do a 1 x 3 hour hike or 3 x 1 hour walks to wether it counts as your move slowly total.

      I belive it is optimal to spread your move slowly out through the week, and 2 hours in the minimum to aim for, IMHO any amount of walking is fine as long as your not getting blisters or aches and pains.

      I also think it is fine to move slowly on LHT days, move slowley is meant to be something you do all the time, if you walk to work each day, then that counts, you still gotta lift heavy, you can do it on a work day
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        I agree with Rob. You should be moving slow as much as you can, every day.


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          In my opinion, walking is just walking. It's kind of like the background music of exercise. It sort of doesn't really count except that NOT doing it is bad for your health.
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            I refer walking as the slow pace movement between 55-75% HR. for some fit people instead of walking it should be jogging slowly.

            And the question is: if you are most of the days without moving a lot.

            Is it better to do the slow movement 3 days 1 hour or 1 day 3 hours? Is it a huge difference? Thanks.

            Pd: i have read and study the PBF, so no need to explain anything that is there.

            Thanks for the answers.


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              do it errday! some days i walk a sad total of 20 minutes, some other times it's 40-80+. my buddy and i were bored and went on a 2 hour and 15 minute walk starting at about 3 a.m. so just when ever you feel like it! :-)