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Last Week before half marathon

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  • Last Week before half marathon

    Hello everyone. I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. Skins beat Cowboys so mine was amazing.

    Anyway, next Saturday I will be running in the Annapolis Half Marathon for the second straight year. Last year I finished at 1:39 but I didn't train as much as I should have and I actually had a few beers the night before. My goal next Saturday is to beat 1:30.

    I usually am very low carb but drink 2 glasses of wine every night and smoke a couple of cigars a week. I will not be doing any of that this week.

    I was wondering how I should modify my diet for this last week to best prepare myself. The last week or so I have started to consume sweet potatoes because I was curious. The first 3 days after my mile time actually got worse. The days since then; however, my time is starting to get better than it was and I am feeling the sweet potatoes may be a part of it. I did a 35 minute HIIT yesterday morning, then ran 6.5 miles on an empty stomach and I still beat 7 minutes per mile.

    I hate when CW people talk about "carbing up" being the way to go, but these sweet potatoes seem to be the real deal. In preparing for a marathon anyway.

    Has anyone had success "carbing up" before a half marathon with sweet potatoes?

    Also, for marathon runners, what do you find is the best foods to eat a couple days before a race? the night before? the morning of? how much?

    Another note. I plan on doing about an 8 mile run Tuesday morning, then 3 or 4 Wednesday, and maybe a 2 mile light job Thursday. I will rest on Friday. Do you think my legs will be well rested for the race or should I maybe take it a little easier this week?

    Thank you everyone in advance for any help!