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Extended fast or quick post workout meal?

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  • Extended fast or quick post workout meal?

    I know Mark like's to delay his meals after a WOD to take in more HGH release. What you guys? Eat quickly after meal or do you guys have extended fast?


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    Depends on the day and what food is available. Sometimes I have a snack in the car on the way home, and eat dinner. Other times I have no food with me, and dinner takes forever to make, so I end up not eating for hours after working out. I think it's probably good to change it up and do a little of both.


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      i'm usually not hungry immediately after working out. it takes me anywhere from 45-90 minutes to feel it, but then i really do, and i can't see the point of denying myself food!


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        I tend to work out in the evenings so don't get home until after 8pm, which is a little late for me to eat - so mostly I don't. I tend not to be hungry after a heavy lifting session in any case.

        Great post as I've been wondering whether this was the most sensible thing to do, or whether I should be eating something post workout.


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          I been training in fasted state since the summer. Just wondering if there is a study suggesting how long we should extend the fast before breaking it with food. Anybody read one? Thanks


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            I usually eat something soon after my strength and boxing sessions, but I wait for one and a half to two hours to eat after sprints to prolong growth hormone release.