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Great results but still far from my fitness goals

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  • Great results but still far from my fitness goals

    As of yesterday 3/31/2010 I am down 50 pounds, but I'm honestly not that concerned with the weight itself. I actually have some specific fitness goals I want to reach and am still far off from. By the way I have another 55 pounds to go in weight terms.

    My actual fitness goals versus where I am right now:
    25 pull-ups --> can currently do 1 or 2 (3 if I cheat)
    10 muscle-ups --> can currently do 0
    15 one-arm push-ups --> can currently do 4 or 5 depending on energy level
    15 pistons --> can currently do 5 assisted 1-legged squats (still a very very long way off)
    10 minute vigorous jump rope without rest --> currently 2 minutes high-moderate before need a few seconds rest. (also a long ways off)

    If anyone can offer me any advice on how I can improve and make those fitness goals, i would appreciate it.

    I currently walk to school (4 miles there, 4 miles back) with approximately 15 to 20 pounds on my back 3 times a week. So at least 24 miles a week if I don't do any other walking, but I take walks on the days I don't have class for 30 minutes to an hour. I jump rope occasionally, I intend to bump that up to 3 times a week. and I currently follow the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution routine.

    But as noted, weight loss isn't my primary goal. i figure that will happen on its own. My primary goals are the fitness benchmarks I listed above.
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    Magnus-- Whats your workout routine? What's your weight? How long have you been working out and been Primal. I'm an exercise physiologist and personal trainer and I'd be glad to give you some tips if you're interested.


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      Magnus- sorry, I didn't see the part of the post where you said what your routine was. Still, be glad to help though.


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        Wow those are some lofty fitness goals.

        If you actually still have fifty pounds to lose I would focus on that.

        Since every one of your fitness goals is bodyweight specific each one will get easier as you drop fat.

        Consider that you are doing pullups with an added 50 pounds.

        (googling muscle up... haha!)
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          A little off-topic, but I did pull-ups the other day with a 50# dumbbell wedged between my legs and I have to say...50 pounds makes a BIG difference in a pull-up situation. I did five or six with the weight (though I wasn't fresh, either) and can do maybe twenty if I carb up the day before and really dig deep without the weight. Twenty-five is a super-lofty goal IMO, but more power to you, brother!!!

          A little on-topic, once you can pound out about five or six body-weight pull-ups I would recommend doing them twice to three times a week (but no more, recovery is key!) and alternating workouts between:
          • Unweighted, explosive (pulling up as fast as you can) pull-ups and...

          • Weighted (however much you can handle and still pound out a few reps), slow and controlled ones.

          After your last rep up with both exercises, hold yourself in the up position for a few seconds then VERY slowly lower yourself down about half-way, hold again, and again slowly lower to prone. REMEMBER: at all times to keep your shoulders engaged. What works for me is to pretend I'm trying to hold something in-between my shoulder blades.

          This routine has worked wonders for me in both the gym and functionally. You should see me climb a tree now. I swear I could rival a monkey in speed.


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            I currently weigh 275 Lbs. I don't expect to reach those fitness goals in a few weeks or even a few months (though that would make me happy). I intend to take as long as it takes, and like I said I still do have a lot of weight to lose. I also know I will always be very heavy because at 5'11" and 275 Lbs I look just like neighbor who is also 5'11" and 220 Lbs. That's why I feel odd about using my weight as a gauge... it just doesn't seem to add up.

            I also want to stress that I don't intend to be able to do all those things back-to-back, though I am mentally working to that point. I took the loftiest goals I could think up but that weren't too impossible and am just striving to reach it.

            @funkadelic: I haven't been engaging my shoulders fully. I haven't been doing it right all this time. I just did that, engaging my shoulders (and someone else also told me to pretend I'm trying to hold a coin in my belly-button), and I was able to do 1 extra pull up. So thank you for that.
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              I would genuinely be interested. Funcadelic gave me some tips below. And any additional advice and tips is appreciated. I am working on weight loss and body composition, but i am approaching everything through the prism of these admittedly lofty goals for someone of my current health. As I noted below, I am currently 275 Lbs (started at 325) I am obese, I do have a lot of fat, but I am also bizarrely built because at 5'11" and 275 Lbs I have very similar measurements to my neighbor who is the identical height but 220 Lbs actually less than that by now since he's working on his weight too.
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