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  • Yoga and lots of walking today! I need an easier rest day after my tough body-weight circuit yesterday.
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    • Yesterday
      60 sets x 6 kettlebell snatches with 16kg (360 total reps). 26:30 min
      60 push ups. 20 box jumps.

      20-30 min clubbell work and whatever else I feel like.


      • Ran 2 miles @70-75% HR.

        8 x 20 second sprints with 1 minute rest between.

        Cool down walk/jog home @60-65% HR.

        BTW, I'm new here


        • Not going to post everything but:

          9 May - New PRs
          Snatch 205
          Clean & Jerk 250, 255

          10 May
          Snatch worked up to 195x1
          Front Squat 270x2,2,2 275x1 280x1 285xNo Lift
          Snatch Pull 205x3,3,3,3
          Pendlay Row 190x4,4,4 Pull-down 190x9,9,8

          11 May
          Snatch 180x1 185x1,1 190x1 195x1 200x1 w/ no straps on 1st attempt 185x1 190x1 195x1
          C&J 245x1 with no belt EASY // Clean 250x1 (missed jerk) // C&J230x1,1 235x1 240x1
          Front Squat 255x4x3 (Practice keeping my elbows up)
          DB Shoulder Press 40x8,8 45x6,6 50x5,5
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          I like to throw, squat and pull heavy things for fun.

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          • Dumbbell Straight-Leg Dead Lifts (12, 10, 8, 6)
            Dumbbell Step Lunges (12, 10, 10, 8)
            Dumbbell Sumo Squats(10, 10, 10)
            Dumbbell Squat with military press finish (12, 10, 8, 8)

            Bike - 15 minutes
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            • @Bacon... Don't forget sprinting ;-)

              Today was...
              ~10min. warm up biking
              10 full-out bike sprints
              ~10min. cool down biking
              10x3 renegade rows (8#)
              30-45-60s plank (10#)
              30-45-60s side planks (10#)
              25x4 squat + knee raise (10#)

              Probably gonna go do some bodyweight work at the playground and bike around town with a friend later today... Ah, spring... :-)
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              • Originally posted by john_e_turner_ii View Post
                Today my wife and I are doing the Project Swole 3x5 workout. We do it three times per week. I think it is a great workout because it is heavy, challenging and quick. We are usually in and out within an hour.
                John: Interesting site to explore. Thanks for mentioning it.


                • Today: bouldering for about 90 minutes, including some V0 no feet dynamic routes.

                  Yesterday: 30 minutes of stairclimbing at a moderate pace.


                  • Knees a bit tender, so I stuck to upper body only.
                    30 seconds on / 1 min off.
                    Did about 10 sets of pullups and pushups. (15 mins total)
                    I am VERY sore today.


                    • Outdoor workout....

                      Last weekend:
                      1) 5 mins: Biked to the field.
                      2) 10 mins: 10 "hills" (15 seconds to run up, 30-45 to jog around down)
                      3) Bear Crawl (forward/backwards)
                      4) 3 sets suicide Sprints (30-60 sec. sprint, 1-2 min rest)
                      5) Bike home


                      • Ran around (well, moved quickly in 1" heels) for half an hour before my webinar setting stuff up, sledgehammer 14 min, 2 hrs continuous movement/ lifting semi heavy objects: sorting through my closet for what I need to get rid of, including trying things on, running to the bathroom to see how it looks, and lifting upwards of 20 hangers of clothes together.
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                        • 8 soccer field sprints with minimal rest in between, 14 minutes of shovelglove, and convict conditioning.
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                          • Today...hiking and then a little whitewater rafting! :-)

                            As to strenght training, I tend to alternate in and out of three programs, EDT by Charles Statey, Stronglifts 5X5, and Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning.

                            Cardio is usually walking, sometime sprinting, and martial arts,


                            • Originally posted by ascent View Post
                              Today: bouldering for about 90 minutes, including some V0 no feet dynamic routes.
                              Hooray for more climbers!


                              • Last night--
                                Warm up 100 jumprope, 25 air squat, 10 pushups, 25 situps

                                WOD 4 RFT 10:??
                                (20, 15, 15, 15)
                                5 DB shoulder press
                                10 DB push press
                                15 DB thruster

                                Cashout 25 pushups, 25 situps, 25 GHD back ext.
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