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  • What is your workout today?

    Squat: 250lbs x 5 x 3
    Press: 115lbs 4(f),3(f),3(f)
    Dead-Lift: 310lbs x 5

    Progressing fine on Squats, and Deads. My pressing is pitiful though.
    Need to find a way to eat more, because pushing through the last few reps of squats are like going to war. It is getting hellacious!


    • Yesterday
      12-12-12 back squat @ 33lb (felt so weak, don't know what's up with that)
      12-12-12 deadlift @ 70lb

      10 min AMRAP
      5 barbell rows (35lb)
      10 burpees over bar
      15 hip thrusts

      I managed 5 rounds plus 4 rows.
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      • Tonight
        5-4-3-2-1 turkish get-ups
        8lb because the next available weight was 20 and I couldn't push it up

        10 min AMRAP
        60 single-unders (or 30 doubles, which I can't do)
        15 power snatch (35lb)

        I did two rounds. Lots of tripping on the jump rope and my right shin is pretty grazed from the barbell
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        • Yesterday 5/3/1 deload so easy press, dead lifts, hammer pull downs and squats with my new weight lifting shoes. I slipped some Arnold presses between dead lift sets and think that works well especially since I am doing presses earlier.

          Today - did the usual Saturday 3.5 hour bike ride and really pushed it on a hill climb that took about 29 minutes. When I got home I felt really warmed up, so went down to the local track and ran a few easy 100 yard sprints. This was the first time in a few months. I liked them so much that I order a pair of spikes, so that I can really start going for it. Reminds me of my old high school days then I was on the sprint relay team.


          • Kneeling push-ups 4-3-5-5 (working my way through an app progression t hat will end with 50 consecutive, hope to switch to regular push-ups before the end)

            5x5 band-assisted pull-ups

            5x5 rehab squats w/ 20 lb kettlebell (aka. toes about an inch from the wall, hold kb down like for a deadlift, squat) - prescribed by my chiropractor, really feel this in the mid-back

            Then deadlifts...2-3 min rests in between
            63lb x5
            83lb x3
            103lb x1
            113lb x1
            118lb x1 PR
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            • Skiing at the local, smaller mountain after several big dumps, cold but beautiful day overlooking Penobscot Bay (Atlantic Ocean)

              You'll never see the light if you're in someone else's shadow, or said another way, life is like a dog sled team, if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes


              • err'yday I'm shoveling

                [edit]45 min as of 12:22 PM, possibly more later
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                • Pull up (positive failure, weighted negative, body weight negative)
                  Dips (same)
                  Dumbbell row 1x10
                  Mil press 1x10
                  Leg press 90s tut and/or til positive failure
                  Binging (nom) in rich mahogany's patented shake...gonna figure out the rest once I stop shaking


                  • Salsa dancing!

                    Wanderin Jack


                    • Legs!

                      Split squats 4x8x70
                      Hack squats 4x10
                      Leg curls superset tend with leg extensions 3x15

                      I remember someone posting something about working up to a body weight Bulgarian split squat. Not quite there yet. Just about a hundred more pounds to go!


                      • Last night:

                        Squats: 320 x 5 x 5
                        Bench: 240 x 3 (PR), 240 x 2, 225 x 3, 205 x 5, 155 x 10
                        Chin-ups: Postponed to today
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                        • Yoga
                          Shooting basketball ( only shooting, no playing/inuries )
                          10 turkish getups on each side

                          This is a good series for ideas...

                          Speaking of TRX, have you guys/gals seen the cross core 180? I got to use one in a class and liked it better then the TRX. The suspension trainer is on a pulley so it forces you to use exact amount of force on both sides. This is important to me since i've had 4 left shoulder surgeries and i'm right handed.. so my right side/arm is usually 20% bigger then my left. My buddies love to give me a hard time about my right forearm being bigger then my


                          • Bastardized 5/3/1 cycle 8 week 1 (5/5/5, 8/8/8, Workout A (Squat/Bench)

                            Feeling comfortable with the new lifting shoes and doing much better with the squats.

                            5/3/1 programmed exercises (5/5/5 week):

                            • Squats - - pyramid 5x155# 5x180# 6x200# 5x180# 6x155#
                            • Bench press - pyramid 5x135# 5x155# 5x175# 5x155# 10x150#

                            8/6/3 programmed exercises (8/8/8 week):
                            • Hammer rows - 8x195 8x205# 8x230# 195# 20 sec rest pause (14x, 4x, 4x)

                            • Dumbbell incline drop sets 10x50-10x35, 10x50-10x35, 8x50-6x35-13x25
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                            • Squat : 260 x 5 x 3
                              OHP : 115 x 4,3,4,
                              Pull-ups : BW x 12 x 3

                              Any tips on how to get through press sticking point? I've already deloaded once at 100lbs, and this is my second fail at 115lbs.

                              Squats moving up consistently even though I feel like I'm dying after my last set.


                              • 2/5:

                                Squat: 355 x 3 x 2
                                Press: 155 x 5 x 3
                                Deadlift: 460 x 3
                                Snatch-Grips: 315 x 5
                                The Champagne of Beards